Ghostmates is a 2016 American comedy film directed by Jack Henry Robbins and starring Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of Smosh. It is Smosh's second feature film, after Smosh: The Movie (2015). The film was produced by Defy Media and featured heavy involvement by Smosh's own production manager Ryan Finnerty, who served as writer and co-producer. The plot follows the socially awkward Charlie Ross, who finds that he has an unexpected roommate in the form of the ghost of Eddie Clayton.

The film was announced on June 23, 2016 at VidCon 2016.[1] The official trailer was released on December 8 on YouTube and The film premiered on December 14 on YouTube Red to mixed reviews.


Things are looking up for socially-awkward and unemployed Charlie when he finds a great new apartment that comes with everything -- even a ghost, Eddie, the type of roommate you'd want to strangle... if he weren't already dead. Eager to evict his haunted houseguest, Charlie agrees to help Eddie make amends with the living and get to heaven.


  • Anthony Padilla as Charlie Ross
  • Ian Hecox as Eddie Clayton
  • T-Pain as himself
  • Francesca Galassi as Jessica Matthews
  • Cristina Spruell as Sam
  • Jon Alexi as Male Student
  • Shay Ali as Bollywood McAdams
  • Luka Bayan as Cleaner #2
  • Erika Bowman as Camera Woman
  • Michael Canetty as Old Man
  • Norman Franklin as N/A
  • Mahogany Gordy as Female Student #2
  • Joseph Hartless as Jock #1
  • Stevie Mack as Rick Bowman
  • Bobby Marchesso as Tim
  • Jesse Nava as Trevor
  • Elaine Partnow as Old Woman
  • Isaac Perez as V-Gods Guy
  • James Joseph Pulido as Cop Partner
  • Lonnie Richard-Gardner as Jock #2
  • Smita Sanbui as Bollywood Gosling
  • Meghan Sanders as Zombie
  • Austin Uku as Main Cop
  • Michelle Way as Debbie
  • Skyler Wright as Female Student #1
  • Randall Yarbrough as Director


Ghostmates was met with mixed reviews. It earned 5.4/10 stars on IMDb, though it received better reviews than Smosh: The Movie.


  • Charlie sees Eddie while he is a ghost because he is the closest person to him.* The events of this movie take place around September 30, 2016, since at Eddie's funeral it says he lived from 1987-2016, and the date on Charlie's phone says September 30.
  • Anthony grew a beard for the movie, making it Anthony's first beard.
  • Like how Smosh: The Movie was part of Season 2015, this movie is a part of Season 2016.
  • This movie was nominated for "Best Feature" at the 7th Streamy Awards in 2017.


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