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"Getting Dumped By Your Therapist (Smosh Advice)" is the 49th episode of the SmoshCast, hosted by Courtney Miller, Sarah Whittle and Monica Vasandani. It was released on February 5, 2020 on podcast platforms and on February 7, 2020 on the SmoshCast channel.

Video Description

You tweeted us things you need advice on and Courtney, Sarah, and Monica are here to help! From deciding to go to college to our experiences with therapy, enjoy a nice hot cup of #SmoshAdvice!

3:38 - Is College Worth It?
13:56 - Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others
18:21 - What to Do When Your Friends Change
24:45 - When You and Your Partner Have Different Interests
31:11 - The 27 Year-Old-Virgin
37:45 - How to Stop Being a Picky Eater
47:26 - Staying Motivated on the Job Hunt
56:03 - Surviving a Job You Hate, but Need
57:57 - Our Experiences with Therapy
1:07:12 - How to Destress


  • Ian provided the sponsor messages for the podcast.