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George Zazz

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Examining human subspecies
Being caught

George Zazz is a minor character in Smosh portrayed by Ian Hecox.

The Character

Jacob trying to eat Hot Pocket Snackers that George uses to get him closer.

George Zazz is an English wildlife expert based off Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls. After he was fired from his job at a petting zoo, he has devoted his entire life to study the puzzling creatures known to man as "teenagers" (one being his own son, Jacob, although he calls him Bryce), apparently they stole resources from him, they destroy his furniture, and they consume his food. After that he started devoting his research to another species known as "girlfriends" as they slowly destroy males little by little.

As menitioned earlier he is based off of the late Steve Irwin, and he resembles him; he wears a brown-grey safari hat and grayish- green clothes.


Teens in the Wild!

George's first appearance, where he studies the human subspecies called "Teenagers" also known as "Teens" for short. As George tries to study, he [stub]

Girlfriends in the Wild!

In his 2nd apperance, George studies girlfriends.

Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!

He appears in only three episodes, Teens in the Wild & Girlfriends in the Wild, both on the Smosh channel, and Ian vs. the Wild on the IanH channel. He appeared on HOLY CRAP! 2 BILLION VIEWS!.


  • His youngest son is also following his footsteps.
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