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I-Dawg and A-Dizzle
First Appearance:
Smosh promo for Smoothie King

The Gangstas were the main antagonists of Smosh Season 2006 and also appear in later seasons. They are evil, selfish, greedy "wiggers" and are Ian and Anthony's archenemies during Smosh's early years.


The first Gangsta called I-Dawg (played by Ian) wears a blue shirt, blue athletic pants, a blue bandanna. The second Gangsta, called A-Dizzle (played by Anthony), wears red basketball shorts, a blue and red New York Mets baseball cap and a red Smosh t-shirt. Both wear chains around their necks and have fake gold teeth.


The Gangstas are very rude and sometimes murderous. There is not one time that the Gangstas have been nice at least once in any episode.


The Gangstas first appeared on Smosh's second channel in the video, "Smosh promo for Smoothie King" in July of 2006 where they are trying to get a role in a commercial. They have also appeared in the main channel videos A Merry Gangsta Christmas and the Transformers Theme, a year and two later. The Gangstas mostly try to prove to Ian Hecox and Anthony that they're better, or either shoot them with a glock, a sniper rifle, a knife, or a shotgun. They have killed Ian and Anthony once in A Merry Gangsta Christmas by repeatedly shooting them until they dropped dead. I-Dawg and A-Dizzle appear again in We Rule High School though as the rappers for the video's song not dressed in their usual outfits.


  • Despite the fact that the Gangstas are the main villains of Smosh, they've only been in very few videos and no longer appear since "A Merry Gangsta Christmas."
  • The first letters in both Gangstas names (I-Dawg and A-Dizzle) correspond to the people who play them (Ian and Anthony respectively).
  • Possibly by accident, but the Gangstas may reference the Bloodz and Crips, as one wears red (Bloodz) and the other wears blue (Crips). It is also interesting to note that Ian and Anthony, who play them, live in California. California used to be a heavy gang background for the Bloodz and Crips, and some areas still are today.
  • They made guest appearance in the Boxman video with I-Dawg claiming that Boxman used to be a friend of his but since Boxman became the way he is today, he can suck his d**k.
  • The possible reason why The Gangstas are not in any more videos is because A-Dizzle wore an old Smosh shirt, that Anthony most likely does not have anymore and even if he did, it problably wouldn't even fit him anymore.
  • Their names (I-Dawg and A-Dizzle) are used as nicknames by Ian and Anthony in Driver's Ed Crap Rap!, and apparently also We Rule High School and Pimps of Prom. This means that is would probably set way before the Transformers Theme, A Merry Gangsta Christmas or the Smoothie King promo video.


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