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The Gangstas were recurring antagonists on Smosh from 2006 to later years. The duo is composed of brothers I-Dawg, played by Ian Hecox, and A-Dizzle, played by Anthony Padilla.



The Gangstas are stereotypical street gangsters. They speak with a heavy "gangsta" accent and have a mutual love for guns, gold, women, and violence, and act rude, murderous, and greedy, which they sing or rap about when given the chance.

I-Dawg featured a list of his favorite movies in "A Merry Gangsta Christmas", including Scarface,[3] Donnie Darko,[4] Forrest Gump,[5] Borat,[6] Little Miss Sunshine,[7] Wall-E[8], and The Little Mermaid.[9]


I-Dawg wears a blue shirt, blue athletic pants, a blue bandanna. The second Gangsta, called A-Dizzle (played by Anthony), wears red basketball shorts, a blue and red New York Mets baseball cap, and a red Smosh t-shirt. Both wear chains around their necks and have fake gold teeth.


"Transformers Theme"

The Gangstas throw insults at Ian and Anthony.

"We're Gangstaz. / I wanna pop that guy. / We rollin' on our chromed out dub-threes in our mom's Cadillac. / And I'm-a bust a cap."
—The Gangstas singing "We're Gangstaz".[src]

While Ian and Anthony walk home after recording footage for their lipsync music video for The Transformers, they encounter the Gangstas, who throw insults and swears their way. Creeped out, Ian and Anthony continue walking, allowing the Gangstas to take over and sing "We're Gangstaz", in which they rap about their love of guns, violence, and bling. At the end of the video, a narrator rhetorically hints that the Gangstas will die of terminal illness.[10]


The Gangstas talk about Boxman.

"Yo, whassup, Homie, you know that Boxman?"
—A-Dizzle to I-Dawg.[src]

A-Dizzle asks I-Dawg is he knows about Boxman. I-Dawg says that he does, as Boxman used to be part of his "clique". A-Dizzle asks his brother what he thinks about Boxman now. I-Dawg says that Boxman can "suck [his]—" before he is cut off by the next verse.[11]

"Smosh promo video for Smoothie King"

The Gangstas audition for the Smoothie King X-Treme Casting Call.

"You just want some energy so you can shred up the world with monster truck force!"

The Gangstas are called in to meet with Ian and Anthony, who are judging talent for the Smoothie King X-Treme Casting Call contest held by Smoothie King. After some delays in getting them to start, the Gangstas start spitting out fire facts about how good Smoothie King is; Ian is entertained, but Anthony is unamused. The Gangstas proceed to beatbox. Ian tries to encourage them, but is stopped by Anthony, who the Gangstas accuse of "hatin'".[12]

"Feet for Hands"

I-Dawg makes fun of Gary Brolsma.

"Hey, shorties, look at that freak with the shoes for hands!"
—I-Dawg to a pair of bystanders about Gary Brolsma.[src]

When a newly confident Gary Brolsma appears in public again after losing his hands to a shredder and having to get them surgically replaced with feet, he catches the attention of a few bystanders, including a pair of women and I-Dawg, who approaches the women, calling them "shorties" and eggs them to look at the "freak with shoes for hands", which he follows with a thug-like vocalization.

"Boxman for President"

The Gangstas dance with other characters.

The Gangstas partake in "Boxman Dance Time" with Boxman, alongside Billy Hamburger, Batman, and two other characters.[13]

"Boxman's Girlfriend"

The Gangstas again dance with other characters.

The Gangstas again participate in "Boxman Dance Time", this time with Boxman, Benny Jean, Cletus, Frankie Rogers, and Gary Brolsma.[14]

"A Merry Gangsta Christmas"

The Gangstas go caroling.

"On the twelfth day of Christmas, my homie got for me... twelve manicures, eleven snipers sniping, ten food stamps, nine knives a-stabbin', eight f*cks a-f*ckin', seven spinners spinnin', six glocks a-poppin', five golden grills, four Hummers humming, three fresh tats, two Double D's, and a copy of my favorite movie!"
—The Gangstas[src]

While Ian and Anthony are out Christmas caroling, I-Dawg and A-Dizzle appear as I-Dawg shoots Ian and Anthony in the back, presumably killing them. They take over, singing their own version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", featuring manicures, snipers, food stamps, knives, a cat, spinners, glocks, teeth grills, Hummers, tattoos, various "Double D's", a copies of I-Dawg's favorites movies. After they finish their song, the boy, who, in addition to Sharon Hecox, the Gangstas were caroling for, expresses that the Gangstas' song was "off the hook!".[15]


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Music Videos
  1. "Boxman"
  2. "Boxman for President"
  3. "Boxman's Girlfriend"
  4. "A Merry Gangsta Christmas"
- "Feet for Hands" (I-Dawg only)
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  • The first letters in both Gangstas' names (I-Dawg and A-Dizzle) match the first initials of their actors (Ian and Anthony, respectively).
  • The Gangstas may reference the Bloods and Crips street gangs, as one, the Bloods, wears red and the other, the Crips, wears blue.
    • Both the Bloods and Crips are heavily tied to California, where Ian and Anthony live.
  • "I-Dawg" and "A-Dizzle" are used as nicknames by High School Ian & Anthony in "DRIVER'S ED CRAP RAP!".[16]


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