GREEN SAUCE SUCKS! is the first installment of Lunchtime with Smosh, uploaded on August 26, 2010.


In this episode, Ian and Anthony get Mexican food from a local fast food restaurant. When they arive back at Ian's House, Anthony realizes he lost his keys and thinks he left them in Ian's car. After Ian starts up his car, Anthony finds them quickly and runs into Ian's house. Upon Ian seeing Anthony already eating his food, he exclaims "How's your food, Anthony?" Anthony then replies "Awesome. How does your food taste?" knowing Ian hasn't even began to eat yet. Afterwards, Ian says the lady who was working the cash register had a crush on him because she said the meal was $10, even though it was $10.01. After Anthony finishes a taco, Ian proceeds to put the green sauce over the leftover lettuce and tells Anthony to eat it. As revenge, Anthony pours the green sauce all over Ian's half-eaten burrito, to which he says "Awwww, you f*cking asshole," and then proceeds to eat it anyways. Afterwards, Ian rates his burrito 91 out of 100 sombreros.

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