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GRASS WHEEL (Hippie Grass Car), formally titled just Hippie Grass Car, is a Smosh video released March 25, 2016.


Welcome to the future of transportation - the grass wheel. Mykka Moonbeam, a grass enthusiast, shows how much better life can be if you become one with nature. 

Extended Plot

An unnamed man (Ian Hecox) gets in his car, preparing to go somewhere. Suddenly, he looks in his rear-view mirror and notices a hippie (Anthony Padilla) walking in some wheel. The man asks what the contraption is, and the hippie gladly introduces it as the "Grass Wheel".

The hippie then tells everyone that his name is Mykka Moonbeam, and he will explain the reasons why the Grass Wheel will improve anybody's lifestyle.

Healthy for Your Body

"It's not naughty to love your body."

Mykka points out that humans were not meant to sit in claustrophobic metal death boxes (cars), and that people are meant to stand in the open air on grass in a wheel. The man starts walking and suddenly loses control of the Grass Wheel, with Mykka informing him that he can't stop it.

Healthy for the Planet

"Cut out pollution with each revolution."

Using the Grass Wheel is better for everyone since it's environmentally friendly. "No gas, just grass." As the man uses the Wheel, a passing driver (Patrick Egan) honks his horn and tells him to get out of the way. Mykka simply responds to this concern by saying "Namaste".

Sustainable Eating

"Nourish your soul while you stroll."

The man questions how he could eat in the Wheel. Mykka elaborates to this by stating that he planted root vegetables in the Wheel three months ago, now ready for harvest. The man compliments the smart idea, with Mykka telling him to...


"Watch out for the moles."

The man is suddenly attacked by moles, as they crave the food grown in the Wheel.

Great for Carpools

"Carpool to work without polluting, your jerk."

The man is walking in the Grass Wheel with two of his friends and co-workers (Ryan Todd and Beau Miller). One of them wants to listen to music, which isn't possible as the Wheel has no radio.

Order Now! - Ending

"Order immediately, or I'll punch your dick repeatedly."

The man reluctantly agrees to buy a Grass Wheel. Mykka happily tells the man that their base model costs $16,000. Upon hearing this, the man changes his mind and decides to take the dick punches instead. Mykka is angry to hear that the man values money over the environment and walks away in his Grass Wheel. He ignores the man's warnings of watching the road as he rolls down a hill and groans from all that pain he experienced. The man, who remains unfazed, goes back inside his house to watch iCarly reruns.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Ryan Todd

Patrick Egan

Beau Miller


  • Hippie grass wheel
  • Mole
  • iCarly (mentioned)


  • When the unnamed man has a question inquiring about the Grass Wheel, Mykka says "I'm happy you asked" before answering the question.
  • When Mykka talks about the Grass Wheel's features, he mentions them in a rhyme.
  • Mykka is almost always seen holding lit incense sticks, the amount of which increases throughout the video.