Lunchtime 38
GORILLA IN THE BATHROOM! is the 38th installment of Lunchtime with Smosh.



Ian focuses the camera on his shirt with a lion on it, and in an altered, silly voice says he's a Ryan and laughs, muffled. Anthony says that looks nothing like Ryan and the animation plays.

In the car

His head cocked toward Ian, who is the driver, seated on covered front seats, Anthony says a quick greeting and tells viewers that they realized they had been eating a large quantity of American food, which he puts up air quotes for. They are going to switch it up and get American-Mexican food, instead. The duo then has a casual conversation about which people in which countries are considered American.

Anthony then begins a conversation about an ironic cigarette advertisement and they segue into a short conversation about pleasure. They then arrive at the fast food joint.

The duo drives by the bathroom and comments on it, Ian saying gorillas are being kept in the locked bathrooms, which is the reason for the video title. Ian theorizes how people get in the bathroom, which Anthony finds ridiculous.

They go to pay and Ian then jokes about giving away personal information and his skin. They get their food off-camera and at a traffic light, show ironic signage.

Their comments the rest of the way home consist of being "dirty boys" and the motorcycle parked on the road. Ian makes a reference to Adrian and the friends arrive back home.


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