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GHOSTS VS HUMANS is a Smosh video released August 19, 2016.


Jack and Susan, the married couple from past Smosh videos, have died this time but are still living in their house. When a new couple moves in, they are suspicious about what is happening, having seen strange sights recently. Meanwhile, siblings Andy and Chloe are suspicious as well, having seen strange sights of their own.


A man named Andy tells the audience that he and his sister Chloe have moved into their new house, and Chloe believes that it's haunted.

It cuts to Jack and Susan, now ghosts, telling the audience that they have been happy in the house since they died in it. However, Jack says they are noticing strange things happening, such as the doors opening and closing on their own and that the TV turns on randomly (showing a clip of 15 HOUR ENERGY!).

It cuts back to Andy and Chloe, the latter trying to watch TV, but it keeps changing to static. Back to Jack and Susan's point of view, Susan is trying to watch TV but it keeps changing to what Chloe wants to watch. Jack and Andy try to explain to their respective partners that the remote might be defective, but both deny this.

One night, Chloe is covered in a blanket and tells Andy that it's always cold because the house is haunted. It turns out that Susan is lowering the temperature in the house as Jack explains that ever since he died, he has been very hot. Andy and Chloe check the thermostat, and both get scared after they discover neither of them turned the temperature down.

It cuts to another night, where Jack explains to the audience that he found some German Nursery Rhymes on Groupon, and plays them on a record player as Susan eats bananas. Andy is in a bedroom and Chloe is sleeping, waking her up so they both hear the music. They go to investigate, and find bananas strewn across the living room, along with the record player. Chloe turns the record player off, and Jack mistakes it for a banana that Susan threw onto the record player. After Jack turns it back on, Chloe screams and throws it onto the ground. After seeing this, Jack and Susan run down to the bedroom, as do Andy and Chloe. However, just as Andy gets to the door, it closes, but Chloe lets him in. They trip on a banana peel and both die.

It cuts to Andy, Chloe, Jack, and Susan all sitting on a couch, as Jack ans Susan explain that they have been having a good time since Andy and Chloe died, mistaking them for a couple. Andy and Chloe explain that they are siblings.


  • Considering that the last two videos where Jack and Susan appear- If Reality Shows Were Real and World's Smallest House- show them living in a very small house, it is strange that the house they live in in this video is much bigger then the one they previously lived in.
  • Susan is eating bananas while Jack is dancing to music, and few bananas are seen. However, when Andy and Chloe investigate just a few seconds later, there are bananas all over the living room.
  • When Chloe is trying to watch the show "Tiny House Hunters" on TV, this might be a reference to the previous video Jack and Susan appeared in which was based on the same show.
  • When Jack is talking about the TV turns on a random parts of the day, when the TV turns on, a scene from the video "15 HOUR ENERGY!", is shown.