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GET IN MY BOX!! is the seventieth installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 24th January 2014 on YouTube. As of 8th March 2014, it's absent on for an unknown reason.


The Smosh Games crew play Super Crate Box.


Two people with the lowest score will be "shipped" together in a box.


  1. Sohinki - 17 crates
  2. Lasercorn - 15 crates
  3. Jovenshire - 12 crates
  4. Anthony - 10 crates
  5. Ian - 8 crates
  6. Mari - 4 crates


  • As of 8th March 2014, this episode is absent from the Game Bang playlist on
  • This is the first episode of Game Bang to feature a new opening cutscene for each player
  • Joven's joke about mine is referenced strongly in this video, leading to creation of the "Joven Joke Rating" system (used only in this video so far).
  • Ian and Mari were going to be "shipped" to "North Korea","the number 1 fun country".

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