"Greetings, gamers, and welcome to another Top 5 Friday. Today, we're taking a look at some awesome game modes that I wish existed. These are the modes that developers have refused to implement, even thought in my letters to them I very clearly described how awesome they would be. Very clearly! Anyway, let's get this little shimdig started."

GAME MODES THAT NEED TO EXIST is the 11th episode of Top 5 Friday, hosted by Lasercorn, who counts down a list of game modes he wishes were included in certain games. It was released on December 7, 2012.


Top 5 Game Modes we wish existed by @lasercorn


  1. Zombies-like 'Dinosaurs' mode in Battlefield 3: Players would need to fight off waves of different races of dinosaurs with modern weapons. This mode is a popular idea with fans of the Battlefield games.
  2. Being able to play as the police and military in Grand Theft Auto V: Players could play as a cop or soldier and chase down players with high wanted levels; this could all even be tallied up on an online leaderboard.
  3. Co-op mode for the campaign in Assassin's Creed III: Players could coordinate takedowns of forts or specific targets and there could also be campaign multiplayer-focused DLC.
  4. Online multiplayer servers in Pokémon: These could have features such as becoming a gym leader and anyone who wanted a badge for that gym would need to go through you, spontaneous battles with other players, etc.
  5. Multiplayer race mode for Portal 2: Two players could be placed into the same test chamber and must race to the exist; the loser is deemed unfit for testing and is incinerated. The game mode could also provide opportunities to mess with the other player's progress.


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