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Sohinki: "So what, uh, what is your opinion on this?"
Jovenshire: "As long as there are different game modes, which there are, and you've got some cool classes in there, I'm gonna say that, for twenty dollars, yeah, it's pretty Dope."
— Sohinki and Jovenshire's thoughts[src]

Forge is a game played by Jovenshire and Sohinki on Dope! or Nope.

Game Information

Forge is a 2012 massively multiplayer online game developed by Dark Vale Games for Microsoft Windows. It is a fast-paced, third-person combat game, styled after MMORPG PVP combat. Combat consists of two teams, pitted against each other in various arenas, competing in a selection of game modes. Each player has nine different abilities, which players can use against their enemies by slowing or blinding them or to help their allies by healing them or giving them a movement boost. The game features a heavy emphasis on vertical movement, which includes a wall jump mechanic.

The basic plot is that the Devourer, a malicious being, has consumed the pantheon of gods. The trapped gods are seeking their escapement and have sent warriors to a nameless world called FORGE. By choosing a class, the player attempts to free their god from the control of The Devourer. There are nine different classes: Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman, Warden, Ravager, and Tinker. Arenas include Capital Siege, Field of Ruins, Forest Ambush, and Ymil's Throne.

Forge has been praised by critics for capturing the map style and PVP combat from games such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft, but set in small arena-style zones. Criticism has been directed at the lack of imagination in its visual presentation.

The game is currently removed from Steam; those who purchased it when it was available still have it in their Steam library, but because the online service is no longer running, it is unplayable. It was originally released at a price, but was later changed to be free-to-play due to a lack of players.



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