Food Girl as a Policewoman

Food Girl was a character in the Smosh 2nd Channel bi-weekly series Put it in My Mouth hosted by Noah Grossman. She was portrayed by Courtney Miller. In Put it in My Mouth's final episode, Food Girl was played by Noah.


As her name states, she was the one that brought out the food to the table for Noah and whoever his guest(s) are to eat. In some cases she may even wear a costume, like in Terrible Prison Food w/ Shayne! wearing a police costume (as Officer Food Girl). Noah seems very mean on occasion to Food Girl. Though in the episode Crazy Smores w/ Ian (Smosh Summer Games) he states that he was only mean to her because he may have a crush on her.

Video stills

Screencapture-youtube-watch-1492978123010 (1)

When she's asked to come out.

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