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Ian (sometimes), Anthony (sometimes)
Ian (sometimes), Anthony (sometimes)
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The Food Battle News Reporter is a character that is present at the end of every Food Battle. His lines are "__! __! You've JUST won Food Battle 20__! What are you going to do now?" the winner (Ian or Anthony) says what they're going to do, and the Reporter asks if he can come, Anthony exclaims a "hell yeah" or Ian shouts a staunch "no" in response to the reporter's question. He has died twice, first in Food Battle 2008 and second in Food Battle 2011 with lan. He was resurrected sometime later, as mentioned by Anthony in Ian's body in Food Battle 2012. The Reporter has won one Food Battle, which was Food Battle 2014. After Anthony died from the poison in the catalog that Ian poured on it, he came to declare Ian the winner but accidentally bumps him into the same bucket of poison Ian used to poison the catalog, killing him. Realizing both Anthony and Ian are dead, The Reporter declares himself the winner of Food Battle 2014 and takes a bubble bath to celebrate.


Anthony Padilla (various foods) vs Ian Hecox (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut)

  1. Food Battle 2006 (Taquito) (Winner: Ian Hecox) (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut)
  2. Food Battle 2007 (Celery) (Winner: Anthony Padilla) (Celery)
  3. Food Battle 2008 (Churro) (Winner: Ian Hecox) (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut)
  4. Food Battle 2009 (Burrito) (Winner: Ian Hecox) (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut)
  5. Food Battle 2010 (Red Hot Chili Pepper) (Winner: Anthony Padilla) (Red Hot Chili Pepper)
  6. Food Battle 2011 (Rainbow Lollipop) (Winner: Anthony Padilla) (Rainbow Lollipop)
  7. Food Battle 2012 (Egg Roll) (Winner: Anthony Padilla ) (Egg Roll)
  8. Food Battle 2013 (Giant Gummy Snake) (Winner: Ian Hecox) (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut)
  9. Food Battle 2014 (Rock Candy) (Winner: Food Battle News Reporter) (No Food)
  10. Food Battle X [2015] (Chocolate Coated Banana) (Winner: Anthony Padilla) (Chocolate Coated Banana)
  11. Food Battle 2016 (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut) (Winner: No Winner) (The End of Food Battle?)

Anthony Padilla: 5

Ian Hecox: 4

Food Battle News Reporter: 1


  • The Reporter is played by Brian Rassmussen, who played The Neighbor in the That Damn Neighbor, and himself in BANNED VIDEO!
  • There is a chance of him being named "Michael" as said in one Smosh video.
  • Food Battle 2011 is the first Food Battle video where he does not mention the title.  
  • The reporter is one of the only Smosh characters without an actual name.
  • It is revealed in "Food Battle 2016", that he is unemployed 364 days a year, meaning that he only works one day a year, as the news reporter in Food Battle.


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