FORTNITE BLINDFOLDED CHALLENGE - Fortnite: Battle Royale! is an episode of the Smosh Games series The Damien & Shayne Show. It guest starred Wes and his brother Brenden Johnson and was released on May 9, 2018.


We challenged ourselves and played an entire game of Fortnite Battle Royale BLINDFOLDED!


Fan Interaction


  • Damien commented saying: 'Hope you enjoyed this video, y'all. I literally CANNOT wait until next week's. Seriously. It's amazing.' It received over 390 likes.
  • Damien replied to someone commenting on his reference to Brenden, saying "That is a polite way to greet someone!" The comment received almost 30 likes.
  • Someone said to bring Wes' brother on more often, to which Damien replied "Check back next week :)". The comment received almost 30 likes.
  • When someone wondered what the other players who killed them thought, Damien replied "They probably thought they were so intimidating, they made another player freeze in fear." This received almost 30 likes, as well.
  • When someone praised Shayne's gaming, Damien replied with "He's just that skilled." This received less than 10 likes.
  • An enthusiastic fan that wanted them to continue Bendy and the ink machine got a reply from Damien, who said they would continue it "Maybe at some point!" It received less than 10 likes.
  • A gaming fan wanted the crew to come to her house and fight her, to which Damien replied "NO." This received over 15 likes.


  • Joven commented saying: 'This was brilliant' It received over 170 likes.


  • To a comment that wanted more of him, he replied "I would love to come more often you guys are amazing for the support!!"
  • Someone said they liked Brenden, to which he replied "Thank you!!!! :)))))"
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