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"Food Battle X? I thought it's Food Battle 2015! SHUT UP!" --Intro

Quick note: Dude, no one says anything in the intro. It just says "SHUT UP!"

Food Battle X Announcement is a video uploaded by Smosh on October 1st, 2015 to promote the upcoming release of Food Battle X coming November 20, 2015. It also announces the official opening of the Food Battle X voting polls (which began October 1st and ended on October 23rd, 2015.


Anthony is tied up in a chair in a dark room. Out of nowhere the narrator is heard saying, "Guess what?" Anthony replies "What?" and then the narrator says that Food Battle is back for the tenth year and we get to choose Anthony's food.

As the narrator is heard talking Anthony is being thrown food at him, more specifically this year's competitors.

After being sawn this year's competitors, we can see Anthony still getting food thrown at him as well as the narrator asking "Which food will win?" "Why is Ian's food always a donut?" "How the f**k do you eat a cactus?" and "Aren't they getting too old for this s**t?" After that he announces this year's Food Battle title and the voting polls links.

We can then spot Ian on the floor in the same room as Anthony eating a baguette and saying they know people are going to write in the comments that they are wasting food. But Ian tells people not to worry as he has fasted for a week and he is going to eat all the food. Anthony then says Ian to untie him as this is getting really weird. Ian answers to Anthony that he is good.



Food Battle X announced food votes

Food Battle X Chart

Round Food #1 Food #2 Starts Vote in October 2015 Winner is
Audition.1 Zucchini Edible Cactus 1-3 Edible Cactus
Audition.2 Baguette Flan 6-4 Baguette
Audition.3 Chocolate-Coated Banana Ginger 9-7 Chocolate-Coated Banana
Audition.4 Spaghetti Romanesca 12-10 Spaghetti
1 Edible Cactus Baguette 15-13 Edible Cactus
2 Chocolate-Coated Banana Spaghetti 18-16 Chocolate-Coated Banana
Final Edible Cactus Chocolate-Coated Banana 19-23 Chocolate-Coated Banana

Behind the Scenes

Comic vocal talent "recommended menu included battle Food Battle X" members of the Smosh Squad voice as food include.

Smosh members name

Dubbed as
Shayne Topp Zucchini
Keith Leak II Edible Cactus
Courtney Miller Flan
Noah Grossman Ginger
Olivia Sui Romansca

And the voice as food not in the Members Smosh.

Name Dubbed as
Galen Howard Chocolate-Coated Banana
Chris Bennett Baguette

Cartoon Plots



Food Story
Zucchini It starts out with the zucchini coming into the "Smoshffice" and saying that he will win Food Battle X. He acts like blood thirsty muderer, even going so far as saying his favorite movie of all time is Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. He claims that the donut will be a dead man.
Edible Cactus The Cactus tries to convince Anthony and Ian that he is edible but they don't believe him. Until Ian bites his face off...
Baguette Baguette tells Smosh he will win Food Battle, but his intelligible language and thick French accent confuses them.
Flan Flan annoys Ian And Anthony with her puns. Such as "That would be flantastic". Ian expresses his hate for flans. When Ian and Anthony leave the room to go play with the hand dryers in the bathroom she screams that she's a comedic god and that someone should love her.
Chocolate-Coated Banana It stars out with Chocolate-Coated Banana telling Smosh he should get in Food Battle. Anthony tells Ian that he looks extremely phallic, the Banana overhears and threatens to kill them.
Ginger Ian confuses the Ginger Root for Ron Weasly from Harry Potter.
Spaghetti Anthony notices an inanimate noodle of Spaghetti on the rug. He is just about to reject it until the spaghetti noodle turns into a Monster and wrecks the building. It then supposedly kills Ian, until it is found out that the Monster just spilled Ian's salsa.
Romanesca Ian call her funny-looking seashell and a weird sort of mollusks which she had enough and turn into a drill, beginning to drill towards Ian, only to hit Ian's ketchup bowl which now stains the window red.


  • The X in the title takes the place of the usual year number because it is the Roman numeral for the number 10.
  • It also indicates the fact that this Smosh's tenth installment of Food Battle.
  • This is the first Food Battle having a number, or in this case a letter indicating a specific number, instead of the year's number.
  • This is the first Food Battle with cartoon videos as campaign videos instead of the usual ones, made by Chris Bennett (who created the Alfred and Poe & Super Smosh on Shut Up! Cartoons).