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FOOF BATTLE X (also known as Food Battle 2015) is a Smosh video released onto the main channel and is the tenth installment of the annual Food Battle series. It was officially announced on October 1, 2015. The voting process began on October 1 and finished on October 23, 2015. It is also the Friday, fifth and final video of the Smosh 10th Anniversary Week.

Anthony's Favorite Food: Chocolate-coated Banana



Anthony is seen walking in a back alley, when Ian jumps out and demands a rematch. Anthony says he would say yes, but cannot, as he burned down the last two houses they have held Food Battle in. Ian suggests they use some other house.

The two now enter a house, but soon discover it belongs to the Food Battle Announcer and his grandfather. After asking, they both agree to allow Ian and Anthony to have Food Battle in their house, though the announcer warns them to be careful in the kitchen because his grandfather just waxed the floor. Anthony now pulls out his food of the year, a chocolate-coated banana. Ian then grabs his Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts, shoves them into his mouth, and Food Battle X begins. Right after the logo, Ian begins to choke on the donuts. Anthony quickly saves his life, and tells him to be more careful when cramming large round things into his throat.

A Machete Used to Shave A Beard Like A Man

Anthony gets chocolate all over his face trying to shave. Result: X

Ian tries to use a real machete to shave, but he decapitates himself instead. Anthony screams at the sight of Ian's severed head. Result: X

A Fine Wine

Ian tastes his donut, and after many mouth noises, deems it marvelous. Result:

Anthony tries his banana, and thinks he isn't too much of a lightweight. He then pukes immediately. Result:


As Anthony suggests the challenge, Ian starts drinking an entire bottle of water.

Ian tells his donut he will change his diaper for him, and expects a little doughnut bulge when he does. When he does, the donut pees on his face. Ian is happy at first, but after awhile, he wonders if it was worth it. It is also later revealed that he was peeing on himself due to the amount of water he drank before. Result:

Anthony shakes his banana in an attempt to make it become a baby, then suddenly Sergeant Anous appears out of nowhere and tells him he doesn't deserve to raise a child, as he was vigorously shaking the banana. After Anthony receives his ticket, Anous runs away with the banana, calls him a bad parent, drops the banana, and steps on it. He yells "OH SH*T!" and runs away, dropping his gun. Result:

Bubble Bath

Anthony bets that his chocolate coated banana can be a bubble bath, but quickly changes his mind when they have to use the Food Battle Announcer's grandpa's bathroom.

Track Hurdles

Anthony puts his banana on the ground, and walks over it. Result:

Ian jumps over his donut. After he receives his checkmark, a famous Viner (Shayne Topp) on a hoverboard yells at Ian to get out the way. Ian gets hit, but the famous Viner is safe from the impact thanks to his famous Viner abs. The Viner then continues onward to make some racist Vines. Result:

Dating App

Ian swipes on the frosting of his donut, but keeps finding girls that looks like donuts. Result: X

Anthony uses his banana to text a random hot girl to come over. When she comes over, she asks if she's there just to be in the video's thumbnail. Ian and Anthony heavily deny this, and get slapped by the hot girl as a result. Both apologize after getting slapped. Result: X

Healthy Smoothie

Before the challenge, the hot girl from earlier, now in more clothes, forced the two to wear only bras in order to make them feel objectified. They admit that it doesn't feel good before Ian suggests the next challenge. The two wear their bras for the rest of the battle.

Ian walks over to the blender and nearly trips over the waxed floor. Ian claims it was a close one, but immediately trips and falls onto the body of the Food Battle News Reporter's grandfather, who had fallen to his death when he slipped on the waxed floor. Ian's donut flies into the air and lands in his mouth. Ian chokes to death on the donut. Result: Not Taken

Anthony skips his turn because Ian died.


The Food Battle announcer walks into the kitchen and approaches Anthony holding a smoothie in his hand. The announcer briefly moans about his dead grandpa, then forgets about him and asks Anthony what he will do next. Anthony states he will burn the Food Battle announcer's house down. The announcer asks if he can come. Afterwards, the Food Battle Announcer watches his house burn with Anthony and wonders "why he agrees to these things". Anthony then puts his arm around the announcer and they continue to watch his house burn.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Brian Rassmussen

Virgie Velazquez

Ray Medved


  • This is the first Food Battle where Ian and Anthony got the same results in each round.
  • The X in the title takes the place of the usual year number because it is the Roman numeral for the number 10, indicating that this is Smosh's tenth installment of Food Battle.
  • What's interesting, it might be also reference Mortal Kombat X, which not only was the tenth main instillment of the Mortal Kombat franchise, but also came out in 2015, the same year as the video.
  • This is Anthony's first Food Battle victory since Food Battle 2012.
  • Each food had an animated "interview" video with each food being voiced by a Smosh actor or actress (Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Shayne Topp, Keith Leak II and Noah Grossman).
  • In the beginning of the video, Ian said that he wanted a rematch, but technically, he is the one who "won" Food Battle last year, although he died before he could be officially crowned winner, giving the victory to the Food Battle News Reporter.
  • With that being said, this is the first year that Ian says that he wants a rematch since Food Battle 2014, the previous year, in which he says that he has become way too mature to do Food Battle again.
  • The clothes Ian and Anthony are wearing in this Food Battle could be homage to Food Battle 2006. In that battle, Ian was wearing a blue evil shredder shirt, and Anthony was wearing a plain red shirt. In this battle, Ian is wearing a very bright blue collared shirt with a gray undershirt, and Anthony is wearing a darker red shirt with black stripes and a pocket.
  • This is the second Food Battle video where the Food Battle News Reporter is shocked to see someone dead but he quickly overcomes it, the first is Food Battle 2014.
  • This is the second Food Battle video where Ian or Anthony died in a challenge instead of purposely murdering each other (in this year's case, it was Ian), the first is Food Battle 2013.
  • Only one of the previous Food Battle challenges was brought back, that being the Smoothie challenge from Food Battle 2008.
  • Ian chokes on his donut two times in this Food Battle. The first time was when he shoved the donut into his mouth after he insulted Anthony, and the logo appeared. After the logo disappeared, Ian is seen choking on his donut. Luckily, Anthony gave him the Heimlich Maneuver before it was too late. The second time is when Ian slipped on the waxed kitchen floor on his way to the smoothie challenge. The donut flew into the air and landed in Ian's mouth. Ian, once again, started choking on his donut, but since no one was around to give him the Heimlich Maneuver, he died.
  • The baby challenge could be a reference to Worst Parents Ever, a Smosh video uploaded earlier in 2015.
  • This is the second year that Food Battle wasn't filmed at Ian's mom's house and the first time that it wasn't filmed at the Smosh House. However, they didn't want to bother Ian's parents, so they did it somewhere else again. It is unknown whether the house is actually Brian Rassmussen's, or if people who already lived there had agreed to move out so they could shoot the video.
  • This was the first Food Battle where the last name of the man who plays the Food Battle Announcer, Brian Rassmussen, is shortened. (He is credited as "Brian Ras".)
  • The "SHUT UP!" opening represents the Smosh 10th Anniversary Week.
  • This was the Food Battle with the least amount of challenges. (The bubble bath challenge was not taken.)
  • This year's episode returns to the pre-2014 tradition of Ian and Anthony both failing the first task.
  • The burnt down Smosh house scene was previously used in Gamer Gets Troll'd!; The burnt down Ian's Mom's house scene was also used for the Breaking Bad house in If TV Shows Were Real 2.
  • The thumbnail is a clear reference to the Food Battle 2011 thumbnail. Both has Ian displaying his donut with a babe on the left.
  • Ian survives after accidentally decapitating himself, but he dies after choking on his donut. While it's possible to die by choking, it's more likely for Ian to die by decapitating himself since it will instantly kill him.


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