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Ian: "Mmm, Oh yeah. That's good! That's a very good Christmas tree"
Intro: "Shut UP!"
— Shut UP! opening

FOOD BATTLE 2016 is the eleventh and final installment of the annual Food Battle series. It was announced in the video this had to happen on December 23, 2016 and was released on December 30, 2016.

To view the list of all the Food Battles, please proceed to the Food Battle page in this wiki or click here.

Anthony's Favorite Food: Vegan Pink Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut.



It starts out as events from the last episode are played. The events from the last episode are played out, right up to Anthony's reveal of his new favorite food, the Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut.

Ian points out that they cannot both have the same food, but Anthony points out that his is vegan. When Ian asks what's the difference between the two donuts, Anthony answers that the sounds of suffering animals can be heard from Ian's donut if he listens closely enough. After being convinced that his and Anthony's donuts are different enough, he then says "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, DOOKIE BROWN!" He eats the donut and the title screen appears.

The child you just found out you had with your high school girlfriend that you now have visitation rights with

Ian talks to his doughnut as if it were a baby, in which it's doughnut started crying. After his result, he tells his donut that "daddy needs his peace and quiet" and throws the donut aside, causing destruction off screen upon impact. Result: ✓

Anthony was just watching TV and eating his doughnut when he realizes he ate what was supposed to be his baby. He spat out his doughnut worrying about his baby boy. Result: ✓


Ian suggested this, but is confused as to why a clone would be in a catalog. Anthony asks what kind of catalog they have been using, closing it to reveal they've been reading off of a catalog called "Cream Cheese and Other Things."

Ian talks to his doughnut and tells him to become his clone. Ian puts his doughnut on the ground and Ian's identical clone spawns from it. The clone punches Ian to knock him out and then proceeds to go meet Anthony. Result: ✓

Anthony places his doughnut on the couch, which produces his clone. What comes out is a weak, malformed clone with messy hair, pink frosting with sprinkles on his face and a gigantic cylindrical pink doughnut protruding from his abdomen. The clone asks Anthony to kill him while the latter screams in horror. Result: X


Anthony wonders if the clone Ian is going to choose the next challenge. The Ian clone is doing his best to be Ian, but the real Ian punches him and selects the challenge.

Ian starts looking for something to break so he can use his doughnut to glue it back together. Ian finds Anthony's electric guitar signed by Brandon Urie and despite Anthony's protests, Ian breaks it. He attempts to rub his doughnut to fix it, but nothing works. Result: X

Anthony pleads for his doughnut to be the glue that holds his family together. Anthony's parents (portrayed by Ian and Anthony themselves) were arguing, prompting Anthony to throw his doughnut at him in hopes of getting them to stop fighting. Instead, it bounces off Anthony's dad and he just gets frustrated, not resolving the argument. Anthony is still happy since he'll get double Christmas presents next year. Result: X    

Dabbing Harambe

Before choosing the challenge, Anthony tears out a page from the catalog and throws it at a nearby domino setup. What follows is an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that allows a hand to pick the next challenge.

When Ian gives his pep talk to his doughnut to be a dabbing Harambe two officers of the Meme Police (Shayne and Keith) come and tells Ian under arrest for referencing two outdated memes multiple times. The two officers do memes of their own before leaving. Ian claims it worked when it didn't. Result: X

Anthony was trying to tell his doughnut to be a dabbing Harambe but the buzzer sound and the X kept popping up before he got to finish his sentences. Result: X X X X X

Christmas Tree Topper

Ian tried placing his doughnut on the top of his Christmas tree but couldn't reach it. So he knocked it over and placed his doughnut. Result: ✓

Anthony sits on his chair. Ian asked Anthony why he isn't doing the match and describes how he completed the challenge before noticing Anthony was sad. Anthony starts contemplating about getting older, asking why they're still doing Food Battle, how many times can one person die and then finally asks Ian if he still wants to do Food Battle. Ian admits that he is just as unsure as Anthony and the two reminisce about Food Battles past. Ian then asks if they should end Food Battle, in which Anthony agrees. Anthony suggests that they move on to better things. Ian initially suggests "Food War 2017" but Anthony refuses. The two kiss their donuts good bye and threw them to the ground before getting up and leaving. Result: None, both Ian and Anthony forfeited    


The Food Battle announcer approaches Ian and Anthony, declaring the end of Food Battle and the loss of his job as a result. The announcer asks the two what they will do next. Anthony simply says, "We're gonna live, dammit. We're gonna live." The announcer asks if he can come and Ian and Anthony happily accept. The announcer asks if it means he's fully unemployed, in which the two said yes and he curses. Ian and Anthony start to suggest alternate career paths for the announcer as the three walk away.


The two doughnuts Ian and Anthony left behind remain as the words "THE END." appear. However, a hand picks up the vegan doughnut, and the period of "THE END." turns into a question mark.


  • This is the latest in the year that a Food Battle has been released.
  • The reason why it will be uploaded so late is because they wanted to leave it as a mystery, making fans think "they forgot".
  • This was the last upload of 2016.
  • This is the first Food Battle where in every single challenge, Ian always performs before Anthony.
  • This is the second and last Food Battle where Ian does not have a bowl haircut, the first being Food Battle 2008.
  • Anthony's new favorite food is now the Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut, which is also Ian's favorite food. However, Anthony's donut is vegan as he is himself.
  • This year the fans did not get to vote for Anthony's food. The last time that they did not get to vote was in 2008.
  • This is the first time since Food Battle 2012 that Ian does not wear a collared shirt.
  • This is the second Food Battle where neither Ian or Anthony wins, the first one being Food Battle 2014.
  • This is the longest Food Battle.
  • Fans speculated that this may be the last Food Battle, as Anthony, who co-starred on all of them with Ian, left Smosh on June 14, 2017. It was confirmed in as there was no Food Battle 2017.
  • This was the Food Battle with the least number of challenges, only five.
  • This is the second Food battle where someone gets a a checkmark in the first challenge, the first one being Food Battle 2014. In this Food Battle, both of them get a check mark in the first round. This makes the first time Ian gets a check mark in the first challenge.
  • "Barney", whose voice is heard at the end of nearly all Food Battles, appears to kill Ian and Anthony off-screen with a chainsaw before wearing their "scrotes" as jewelry.
  • This is the fourth time Ian won more challenges than Anthony, the first was Food Battle 2006, the second was Food Battle 2010, and the third was Food Battle 2012.
  • This is the only Food Battle where no one officially won.
  • This Food Battle had no deleted challenge.
  • The beginning makes "this had to happen" more dramatic as Ian cries when he says "WE FORGOT FOOD BATTLE!!!".
  • The first Food Battle was uploaded to YouTube ten years and nearly three months before this one, the last.
  • This is the first video to begin with "Previously On Smosh" since HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE! back in early 2012.
  • Anthony brings up the fact that he owns a guitar autographed by Panic! At The Disco's lead singer, Brendon Urie. Urie was previously mentioned in Movie Reboots Suck and EMO HAIR.
  • When they're choosing the Dabbing Harambe challenge, Anthony & Ian scat to the tune of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" as the Rube Goldberg device is running.
  • The ending occured in order to add suspense, controversy, speculation and to overall trick the audience.
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