FIRE MARATHON FINALE (Maricraft: Outlaster Part 6) is an episode of the Smosh Games series MariCraft. It aired on October 24, 2016 and is the 6th and final instalment of the sub-series Outlaster.


Its here - the FINALE OF OUTLASTER. It's been quite the journey, but the time has come for the final challenge and to see who will be crowned the champion!

Over 6 episodes, House M.D. and House About Some Pies will be battling it out SURVIVOR style, in honor of our very own Mari going on the TV show. We'll be competing in challenges, voting each other off - it's gonna be epic!



Final Challenge

The players must race back to the ship via an obstacle course. The first person back to the ship is the True Outlaster. The last player arriving on the ship died and became a ghost.

  • 1st - Wes
  • 2nd - Sohinki
  • 3rd - Lasercorn
  • 4th - Mari


  • Sohinki was voted in the last episode so received a curse in the final challenge.

Fan Interaction

  • Mari commented: 'Thanks for an amazing 6-episode run and for supporting it, guys! We love you! Please share/like/comment if you enjoyed it -- perhaps, we will do Outlaster: Season 2 if there's enough people who want to watch it!'. It received over 1.6K likes.
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