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FAMILY PHOTOS GONE WRONG! is an episode of the Smosh Games series Board AF and was released on November 26, 2017.


Have you ever had an embarrassing family photo? Well someone made a card game out of it! Today on Board AF we are playing Awkward Family Photos - The Game! Whoever can come up with the best captions for the awkward photos, wins!

Try not to cringe!


  • 1st - Jovenshire (5 pts)
  • 2nd - Flitz (3 pts)
  • =3rd - Damien (2 pts)
  • =3rd - Wes (2 pts)
  • =3rd - Matt Raub (2 pts)
  • =3rd - Boze (2 pts)


  • This episode was filmed on the same day as IAN BREAKS ALL THE RULES, as a clip from that video was shown of Mari singing a hymn.