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FAKE NEWS CHALLENGE w/ JK NEWS is the 261st episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on September 22, 2017. It guest stars Joe, Tiff and Julia from Just Kidding News.


JustKiddingNews joins us today on Game Bang!! We guess if headlines are real, or FAKE NEWS!


Wheel of Punishment: Drinking shots of hot milk whilst reading a fake news story.


  • Bumble Bees - Joe and Flitz
  • Watérmelons - Boze and Tiff
  • Blue Sausage - Mari and Julia


  • 1st - Blue Sausage (3 pts)
  • =2nd - Bumble Bees (2 pts)
  • =2nd - Watérmelons (2 pts)

Lightning Round Tie Breaker

Boze Vs Flitz


Fan Interaction

  • Joe Jitskawa commented saying: 'That was Mudda fun times let's do it again' It received over 2.1K likes.
  • Damien commented saying: 'I was straight-up SHOCKED by how rare it was for someone to get one o' these right. How did you guys do???' It received over 880 likes.
  • Boze commented saying: 'HIS NAME WAS ACTUALLY JAMES NOT MARCUS BUT I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!' It received over 860 likes.
  • Jovenshire commented saying: 'Saying it now...Damien and I need to host a game show IMMEDIATELY' It received over 540 likes.