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The video thumbnail featuring popular American songstress Taylor Swift

FAILED AUDITIONS for SMOSH: THE MOVIE is a video released September 24, 2015 on Smosh 2nd Channel (later renamed Smosh Pit).


Courtney, Shayne, Keith, Noah and Olivia dress up and act like famous celebrities and random characters to do "failed auditions" for Smosh: The Movie.

Video Description

When we ran the casting for Smosh: The Movie, all sorts of people showed up hoping to have their chance to star in a feature film. But some celebrities showed up who we were definitely not expecting! Here are their auditions


  • Michael Caine - Shayne
  • Chris Rock - Keith
  • Taylor Swift - Courtney
  • Young Larry King - Noah
  • Tom Cruise - Shayne
  • Chris Tucker - Keith
  • Jackie Chan - Olivia
  • Matthew McConaughey - Shayne
  • Tricia (Insane Girl) - Courtney
  • Black Adam (First Man On Earth) - Keith
  • Owen Wilson - Courtney
  • Nicholas Sparks - Shayne
  • A Friggin' Horse - ?
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