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"Who blocks in a Mortal Kombat game? That's when you know you play too much Mortal Kombat is when you actually block."

FACING OFF IN MORTAL KOMBAT, originally titled SOMEONE DIES IN MORTAL KOMBAT, is the 3rd episode of Game Bang. It was released on October 12, 2012.


The stakes couldn't be higher as the gang gathers for some Mortal Kombat with a horrific fatality in store for the loser!

Game Bang


Ian, Anthony, Lasercorn, Sohinki, and Jovenshire fight each other in Mortal Kombat. Each person fights one round against every other Smosher present. Whoever ends up with the most losses at the end suffers the punishment.


Round Fighter #1 vs. Fighter #2 Winner
Round 1 Jovenshire (Sub-Zero (MK3)) vs. Ian (Mileena) Jovenshire
Lasercorn (Cyber Sub-Zero) vs. Anthony (Kung Lao) Lasercorn
Round 2 Sohinki (Stryker) vs. Ian (Sheeva) Sohinki
Jovenshire (Freddy Krueger (zombie)) vs. Lasercorn (Nightwolf (zombie)) Lasercorn
Round 3 Sohinki (Kitana) vs. Anthony (Kabal) Sohinki
Lasercorn (Sonya) vs. Ian (Smoke) Lasercorn
Round 4 Jovenshire (Jax (zombie)) vs. Anthony (Kenshi (zombie)) Jovenshire
Sohinki (Sindel) vs. Lasercorn (Skarlet) Sohinki
Round 5 Anthony (Cyrax) vs. Ian (Johnny Cage) Anthony
Jovenshire (Kung Lao) vs. Sohinki (Baraka) Sohinki


Rank (place) Player names Win(s) Lose(s)
1st Sohinki 4 0
2nd Lasercorn 3 1
3rd Jovenshire 2 2
4th Anthony 1 3
5th Ian 0 4


The ultimate winner gets to perform a fatality on the ultimate loser, using green screen and special effects. Sohinki ended up uppercutting Ian's face, similar to one of the fatalities.

Game Bang Achievements

Achievement Won by Timestamp
BUTTON MASHER Anthony 3:23
SPAM ATTACK Sohinki 4:25
MAKE A WISH KID Anthony 6:15
JIGGLE PHYSICS Sohinki and Lasercorn 9:30



  • Sometime after August 2017, this episode's name was changed for unknown reasons.
  • The player-vs.-player cue cards are in the same style as the ones in the game.
  • Sohinki is wearing a Mortal Kombat shirt while playing Mortal Kombat.
  • Jovenshire predicted that Ian was going to receive the punishment, and was correct.
    • However, Sohinki and Lasercorn were pointing at Jovenshire, thinking that he was going to lose.
  • It was never explained why Mari was absent for this Game Bang.
  • The censored effects weren't used, therefore some curse words can be heard in the Game Bang.
  • Kung Lao was used twice, by Jovenshire and Anthony. The rest of the characters were used once.
  • It is one of three rare occasions where the punishment is not physical. It is generated with special effects (The second one happens in We've Got Worms, as well as Kombat Begins in Mortal Kombat X, that happens much later).
  • This is the most viewed Game Bang, with over 10 million views. It is also the 4th most viewed video overall on Smosh Games.
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