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Ethan Edward Klein, also known by his channel name h3h3, is an American YouTuber. His channel, officially called h3h3Productions is co-hosted by his wife, Hila Klein. The channel has over 5.8 million subscribers.

The channel consists of Ethan criticizing YouTubers and internet trends as well as YouTube itself. This includes SoFloAntonio's stealing of various people's videos and giving them no credit. As well prank videos and channels for their over the top and in some cases insulting videos.

He also has a vlog channel titled Ethan and Hila and a podcast channel called H3 Podcast.

Collaborations with Smosh and Smosh members

Ethan was a contestant on the You Posted That? episode h3h3, Jacksfilms, and Elliott Morgan - You Posted That? in which he tied for first place with Elliott Morgan.

Ian was a guest on Ethan's eighth podcast episode on the channel, H3 Podcast, along with Markiplier.