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Ericka "Boze" Bozeman (born February 4, 1992) is a Twitch streamer and former member of Smosh Games. Her first appearance was on Courtney and Olivia's Smosh Pit series, Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover, in the episode BUCKET OF DOOM W/ FLITZ AND BOZE. She was formally introduced as a cast member in Smosh Winter Games 2017 and made her first main channel appearance in EVERY SLEEPOVER EVER.

During its run, Boze was the host of Smosh Games Live, in which different Smosh Games members played games with her live on YouTube. She appeared on numerous episodes of Board AF and Game Bang, as well as a few episodes of The Show w/ No Name. She was also featured in an episode of Put It in My Mouth, specifically GROSS ICE CREAM SPEED DATING. In 2018, Boze hosted and played multiple roles on Smosh & Order, a parody court drama series on Smosh Games. A couple of months after Defy Media shut down, Boze announced that she was leaving both Smosh and her online career to focus on alternative endeavours.

Departure from Smosh

On January 12, 2019, Boze confirmed on Twitter that she was stepping away from her internet career (indirectly confirming that she would not return to Smosh Games), and had taken a job in marketing. While she entered a company as a digital marketing manager, within two months she had been made the head of her department.[2]

It was later revealed on Genius Brain's Podcast that while filming Thank You To The Viewers!, she realized that she was not as driven as her fellow cast members in pursuing her current career as an entertainer. She decided to try to side step to marketing, as she felt that someone else who truly wants what she has deserves the success of being an entertainer. However, marketing had not gone well so she opted to try production instead, with Boze creating Smosh & Order as a part of this process, and it was implied that had Defy Media not closed, she would have stayed with Smosh for another year to continue building up her resume. Boze also revealed that she never felt truly accepted by the Smosh Games Crew, and that since the closing of Defy Media she has had minimal contact with the cast and crew of Smosh as a whole. However, in 2020, she has appeared in a few videos on the The Jovenshire channel and Boze has confirmed she has kept in contact with the Smosh Games Crew, but not so much the Smosh Squad. She also marketed the Try Not To Laugh Live! in 2020.

Since then, she has publicly declared that she disliked the way Matt Raub treated her, but iterated that she still supports the rest of the Smosh cast.

As of June 2020, she has made public that she manages Mia Khalifa- a social media personality, sports commentator, webcam model, and former pornographic actress.



  • Boze grew up in Virginia and later moved to Los Angeles, California. In a San Diego Comic-Con Breakfast livestream, she remarked how the move was accompanied by a shift in her eating habits. (source needed)
  • Boze went through an emo phase growing up (specifically describing herself as "scene"), and claims to still be one, saying she is "keeping the trend alive". (source needed)
  • Like Joven, in the SDCC Breakfast series, Boze revealed that she was a latchkey kid growing up, meaning that her parents weren't home when she got home from school and so she had to unlock the house and be by herself for a while. (source needed)
    • During one of these intervals, she blew up the house microwave and burnt part of a counter after forgetting to poke holes into a potato before baking it. (source needed)
  • Boze has disclosed that she has broken the law, but the exact nature of the crime was censored, as the other cast members were concerned about whether she could say what she had done out loud.[3]
  • Boze has implied she does not want children and, though presumably joking to an extent, has previously claimed to hate cats, dogs,[4] and animals in general. However, she has also openly considered the opposite view for all of these, and in BOZE BECOMES ONE WITH THE CATS, Damien encouraged Boze to develop a liking for cats, and she later revealed she had been considering getting one of her own.[5]
    • Since moving into her new apartment, Boze has begun fostering a cat named Stanley.
    • In a video on Joven's channel, Boze revealed that as opposed to what she has said in the past, she actually likes both animals and children.


  • Boze has mentioned multiple times that she has a love of learning, particularly of mathematics and history, and she enjoys going to museums and graveyards.[6] (source needed)
    • She apparently has an impressive knowledge of Russian history, according to her initial appearance during Smosh Winter Games 2017.
    • One of her favorite historical figures is Paul Revere, whose grave she was able to see while visiting Boston in 2018.[6]
  • Boze has described herself as very domestic. She loves cooking, cleaning and sewing, and one of her favorite gifts to receive is kitchen appliances. (source needed)
  • Boze loves Latin music[3] and is a fan of Shakira and Ricky Martin.
    • She also enjoys listening to Kanye West and Kenny G.[4]
  • Boze's personal trigger is never being loved.[7]
  • One of her three goals in life is to be a Centenarian (which means to live to be a hundred years old), as revealed in THIS VOTING GAME IS RIGGED!. Her two other life goals are unknown.


  • Her first encounter with the Smosh Games crew was deemed by Mari to be Lasercorn "basically meeting another one of him", as they had an awkward conversation at the Winter Games cabin where all that was said was "like your hair" (Boze) and "like your glasses" (Lasercorn). It is now a funny memory for both of them. (source needed)
  • Smosh Games inducted her as a full member of the team on August 4th, 2017. Unlike all three of the other members who were inducted on camera — Damien on the same day and Flitz and Wes on October 12th, 2014 — instead of reading fanfiction she had to react to the worst comments people had written about her on Smosh videos up to that point.
  • Boze and Damien's induction was posted just one day before Lasercorn and Sohinki officially announced on their personal channels that they were stepping away from Smosh Games.
  • While in Smosh, Boze appeared to be particularly close to Damien and Joven. Damien revealed on multiple occasions that they often drove home together, and stated that few people knew him as well as Boze did.[8]
  • She was the host of Smosh Games Live, which ran while SmoshVentures was paused.
    • She was also the host of a miniseries in Smoshventures, in which Matt Raub gives her some money to explore the area. Lasercorn, Wes, and Damien all accompanied Boze in these episodes.
  • Boze is credited as the director of the Smosh Games series Smosh & Order. The second episode centered around her being tried for squatting and homelessness, and living in the Smosh Games Office after hours; she was found guilty but pardoned.
    • In an ironic coincidence, she was posting to her Instagram about moving to a new apartment at the time.
  • Boze has made two appearances as a main cast member on the main channel. Her first appearance was in EVERY GIRLS NIGHT OUT EVER as several separate party-goers, and her second was in IF MOVIES WERE GENDER SWAPPED, in which she played a female Black Panther. She has also appeared as a background character in numerous other main channel videos.
    • Coincidentally, the surnames of Boze and the actor who portrayed Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, are incredibly similar.
  • In "Smosh Summer Games: We Blew It!", the four female Smosh members each modified their team t-shirts to match their own style. Boze shortened her t-shirt and cut a piece of fabric out of each arm, resulting in a cold-shoulder crop top.
    • Boze also modified her t-shirt for "Smosh Summer Games: Wild West". While she also shortened the Cowbaes t-shirt, this time she chose to cut off the neckline and part of the arms, creating an off-the-shoulder shirt.


  • If Boze had not pursued internet-based jobs, she would have taken a career path based on mathematics or statistics.[9]
  • Unlike Joven, Sohinki, Lasercorn and Flitz, Boze has never openly used her real name to identify herself.
  • A popular hashtag featuring Boze is #BozeIsSecretlyHomeless, started because it was claimed she "lives in a closet" and has been called out for occasionally stealing other people's food, specifically Keith's.
    • The episode of Smosh & Order that featured Boze's trial for squatting and homelessness was directly inspired by this hashtag, even down to the case title, which was "#BozeIsHomeless".
  • Boze, like Olivia, cannot swim. However, she is willing to go near water, as proved in various years of Smosh Summer Games appearances.
  • Boze has multiple tattoos:
    • Her first tattoo shown on camera was the word "Vicious" across the back of her neck, revealed during her first on-screen appearance in Smosh Winter Games. When the other cast members pointed it out, she told people not to judge her as she had got the tattoo when she was eighteen.
    • She also has a tattoo of the word "Belial" on the inside of her left forearm. This was notably shown in "Friday The 13th Tournament", and can be seen in many other videos.
    • She also has multiple piercings, including one on the right side of her nose and one on her left cheekbone.
  • She has the tip of a sewing needle stuck in her foot, but owing to the passage of time, she says she does not feel it.[3]