"Eat It Or Yeet It #9: Drinks Only" is the 9th episode of the Smosh Pit series Eat It or Yeet It. It was released on January 14, 2020.


Eat It Or Yeet It? More like DRINK IT or YEET IT! This drinks only episode is the definition of a thirst trap.


  • Ian: Chicken Broth In A Mug (With a tea bag next to it.)
  • Kimmy: Lemonade
  • Damien: Dark Water (Water with dye)
  • Noah: Fish Shake (Ice Cream, Cherry, Whipped Cream, Surstromming)
  • Olivia: Starbucks Frap (Vanilla and other Starbucks Stuff)


Fan Interaction

  • Olivia commented saying: "Still in a state of fear" It received over 180 likes.
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