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Eat It Or Yeet It #6 w/ Jarvis Johnson is the 6th episode of the Smosh Pit series Eat It or Yeet It. It was released on October 15, 2019 and guest stars Internet personality Jarvis Johnson.


We somehow tricked Jarvis Johnson into stopping by for a very special Halloween edition of Shayne’s favorite show— Eat It Or Yeet It!


  • Jarvis: Bad Pez (Regular Pez, Denatonium Benzoate, Good Taste Repellent)
  • Keith: Licorice Pixie Sticks (50% Pixie, 50% Licorice Root Powder, 100% Gross)
  • Ian: Spicy Candy Corn (Candy Corn, Ghost Peppers)
  • Shayne: Fish Paste Cups (Peanut Butter Cup, Minus All The Good Stuff, Fish Sludge)
  • Olivia: Caramel Apple (It's Just An Apple, In Some Caramel, And There's A Stick To Hold)


  • This video launched Smosh's #sub25mosh campaign to get Smosh's subscription count to 25 million before the end of the month for a special project to be announced.