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"Eat It Or Yeet It #12 w/ Britanny Broski is the 12th episode of the Smosh Pit series Eat It or Yeet It. It was released on March 10,  2020. The video guest stars Britanny Broski.


Eat It Or Yeet It returns with Kombucha Girl herself, Brittany Broski!


  • Shayne: Beet Brined Egg (Hardboiled Egg In Beet Juice)
  • Keith: Escargot (Plain And Simple, It's Escargot, Bro)
  • Damien: Squid Ink Pasta (Squid Ink Pasta, Sardines, Seaweed, Garlic, Fish Sauce)
  • Kimmy: Rocky Mountain Oysters (Breaded Bull Testicles)
  • Brittany: Kombucha Soup (Eggs, Vinegar, Kombucha)

Fan Interaction

  • Garrett commented saying: "HOW DO I DEFEAT DAMIEN?" It received over 5.1K likes.