EXTREME PARKOUR SUDOKU (Maricraft: Outlaster Part 5) is an episode of the Smosh Games series MariCraft. It aired on October 17, 2016 and is the 5th instalment of the sub-series Outlaster .


We're almost at the end of Outlaster and it couldn't be more tense! The challenge in this episode is the most difficult yet, requiring the contestants to call on all their minecraft talents - and their knowledge of Sudoku!

Over the next 6 episodes, House M.D. and House About Some Pies will be battling it out SURVIVOR style, in honor of our very own Mari going on the TV show. We'll be competing in challenges, voting each other off - it's gonna be epic!



Immunity Challenge

The players must dig up materials, each are worth a different value (Coal is 1, Iron is 2, Gold is 3 and Diamonds are 4) Emeralds can be used to trade for mining equipment. The player with the most points wins the Immunity Idols.

  • 1st - Mari
  • 2nd - Sohinki
  • 3rd - Lasercorn

Elimination Battle

Jovenshire Vs Wes


The person with the most votes received a curse for the final challenge.

  • Sohinki (4 votes)
  • Wes (1 vote)


  • A reference to Jovenshire's time on King of the Nerds is made.
  • Sohinki gave Lasercorn his immunity idol, making him immune.
  • The ghosts were allowed to vote too,

Fan Interaction

  • Mari commented: 'Guys. Outlaster is LIT!!!!!!! Just one more episode to go o____O What's gonna happen!?!??!'. It received over 940 likes.
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