EXPLODING WATERMELONS W/ NITROGEN (Smosh Lab) is the sixteenth episode of Smosh Lab. It was released May 31, 2017.

SMOSH LAB pairs SMOSH super-talent SHAYNE TOPP with an actual scientist and they do KICK-ASS science experiments. Every episode will feature a new science experiment and a big friggin’ mess. It’s LEARNING… on accident.

Video Description

This week on Smosh Lab - destroying watermelons with liquid nitrogen!"


Shayne and Nick make fake liquid nitrogen with Isopropyl Alcohol and dry ice. Nick, Olivia, Shayne, and Courtney hollow out their watermelons before dunking them in the "poor man's liquid nitrogen". They then use a baseball bat to shatter the watermelons, which now act in a similar manner to if they were made of glass.

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