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"Sup, you filthy f*ckfaces! So, Logan Paul is back in the news again; this time, for dropping an ice cream cone. Now, I'm not gonna take sides here, because what if he just did it as an accident? Now..."
Philip DeFranco on Logan Paul's latest controversy

EVERY YOUTUBER EVER is the eighty-seventh episode of the Smosh series Every Blank Ever. This episode, the Smosh crew imitates various current and common YouTubers and YouTube-related trends, including clickbait, drama, sponsorships, and demonitization.

Released on April 2, 2018, the video was directed by Ryan Todd and written by Ian Hecox, Monica Vasandani, and Ryan Finnerty.


You asked for this! This is one of the most requested Every Blank Evers... ever! Whether it's Logan Paul, slime and unboxing videos, getting demonetized, made up drama, or more - this is Every YouTuber Ever!


Clip 1

A YouTuber named DangerDavey90 (Damien Haas) is talking in a video titled VLOG #81 - GETTING REAL. Davey rhetorically asks what is great about being a YouTuber and explains that it is a platform that one can be themself without compromising morals or artistic integrity, right before getting into "Davey's 2018 Slime Review", in which he directly contradicts his previous statements in every way possible. Davey also announces that, in his next video, he will be doing the "Fidget Spinner Bathtub Slime Challenge", in which he spins fifty fidget spinners in a bathtub of slime. Davey asserts that this is what he loves doing before quietly begging his viewers to "keep watching [him]".

Clip 2

Philip DeFranco constantly dealing with demonitization.

Philip DeFranco (Ian Hecox), in a video titled WOW! Hillary Clinton Back in the News, Syrian Civil War, Biscuit Batter Woman & More, reports that Twitter is "up in a firestorm" about Hillary Clinton, but is interrupted by YouTube Demonitization who states that because Philip is discussing politics, his video is unsuitable for advertisers and is thus demonitized. A dumbfounded DeFranco moves on to talk about updates on the Syrian Civil War but is interrupted by Demonitization again, who states that violence is also against demonitization policy. Demonitization also interrupts Philip's final story about a woman in Nebraska who was caught stealing five pounds of biscuit batter. Philip demanded to know what was wrong with the Biscuit Batter Woman story, but Demonitization was unable to think of a reason.

Clip 3

2006: In the video Ian Answers Fan Questions, Ian answers a question from xxmilkytoastxx, who asks "What's the secret to being successful on YouTube?" Ian explains that one must only make content they are excited about.

2008: In Smosh Answers Fan Questions #23, Ian explains that one must only make content they are excited about, but stresses a regular uploading schedule.

Ian explaining how to be successful on YouTube in 2013, such as having a gaming channel.

2013: In Smosh Answers Fan Questions #43, Ian explains that one must only make the content they are excited about, as long as they have a good brand and a gaming channel (pointing to a picture of the Smosh Games logo), and mentions that putting "boobs in the thumbnails", mentioning Smosh videos as an example.

2016: Ian explains that one must make content that they are excited about, but exploit YouTube's algorithm, stretch content to ten minutes, and not to put boobs in thumbnails, which he deems a bad idea.

2018: An exhausted Ian states that to be successful on YouTube, simply make a video on Logan Paul.

Clip 4

A self-admittedly unqualified YouTube smartphone reviewer (Keith Leak II) is ending his twenty-minute review of the newest iPhone by concluding that, while not much different from previous models, is superior to the Android and he cannot wait to use it. After the review ends, the reviewer sighs and drops the iPhone into a box labeled "TRASH" filled with similar devices. The reviewer reminds himself that he only has three more devices to "review" for the day. He starts his next review of the newest Android by stating its superiority of the iPhone and how he can't wait to use it.

Clip 5

Corky & Borky (Courtney Miller) is the channel of two identical twins who describe themselves as lacking any discernable talent, but are young and cute, which is something people seem to like. Corky and Borky then get into a giggling fit.

Clip 6

Logan Paul taking every opportunity to promote his merchandise.

A reporter catches Logan Paul (Shayne Topp), who is walking outside of a Chococream store with a chocolate ice cream cone, and asks Paul for his response to people's reactions to his latest controversy (dangling a baby off the Eiffel Tower). Logan uses this as an opportunity to promote his "Maverick merch", followed by a shout of "Logang!" and a dab. Unfortunately, his dabbing made him drop his hat and ice cream. Logan dabs in disappointment, picks up his hat, and walks away.

The screen fills with headlines and comments of people overanalyzing and wildly reacting to Logan dropping his ice cream. The incident also attracts the attention of YouTube news reporters like Keemstar (Shayne Topp) and Philip DeFranco. Corky and Borky also challenge Logan to a boxing match, lest he be a "little bitch boy". The smartphone reviewer made the claim that since the ice cream was brown, Logan is racist.

Demonitization, after deeming this situation too negative, happily prepares to demonitize Philip DeFranco again. Before he can press the button, Susan Wojcicki (Courtney Miller), CEO of YouTube, stops him and states that all drama videos stay monitized. Susan begins to cackle evilly while pulling out stacks of cash from her suit. The video ends with a shot outside of YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, CA while Susan is still cackling evilly with an organ playing in the background.

Cast and Crew


  • Damien Haas as DangerDavey90
  • Ian Hecox as Philip DeFranco and himself throughout the years
  • Noah Grossman as YouTube Demonitization
  • Keith Leak II as a YouTube smartphone reviewer and a reporter
  • Courtney Miller as Corky, Borky, and Susan Wojcicki
  • Shayne Topp as Logan Paul and Keemstar


  • Director: Ryan Todd
  • Writers: Ian Hecox, Monica Vasandani, and Ryan Finnerty
  • Director of Photography: Billy Yates
  • Editor: Nick Agich
  • Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
  • Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
  • Producers: Kristina Nikolic and Garrett Palm
  • Associate Producer: Katie Michels
  • Production Manager: Andy Garwig
  • First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
  • Production Designer: Taylor Frost
  • Art Director: Keri Palmetto
  • Camera: Brennan Iketani
  • Gaffer: Katie Eleneke
  • Sound: Greg Jones
  • Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
  • Costume Designer: Cassidy Combs
  • Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice



  • The thumbnail includes Shayne as Logan Paul between Courtney as identical twins Corky and Borky.
  • The background used in the smartphone reviewer is the same as the main background in FIRST LOOK: $50,000 iPhone 8 Diamond Edition.