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EVERY VALENTINE'S DAY EVER is Smosh's Valentine's Day based Every Blank Ever video released in 2018.


Valentine's Day - whether it's buying the perfect gift for the first date, throwing expensive roses on the ground, or your parents getting a close...this is Every Valentine's Day Ever!

Running gag (s)

  • Teddy Bear


  • This video has one of the highest like to dislike ratios in Smosh history.
  • At this time, Smosh's Every Blank Ever videos were released on Monday but due to Valentine's Day being on a Wednesday, this video was released on that day.
  • To many viewers' pleasure, this video was released on Noah's 21st birthday.
  • Popular YouTuber AsKaGangsta commented "happy v day <3" on this video, making it his first main Smosh channel video comment since EVERY PUBERTY EVER, commenting on many main Smosh channel videos before.
  • A seemingly evil teddy bear is a recurring Smosh theme, having also been used in Killer Teddy Bear!.

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