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EVERY THANKSGIVING EVER is a Smosh video released November 3, 2015. It is part of the Every Blank Ever series.

the episode begins with Aunt Carol (Played by Olivia Sui) a woman wearing a light-blue dress, a white apron, and has brown hair, a man wearing a dark-blue formal shirt and a mustache, and a little kid with a helicopter hat (Played by Ian) sitting at the table

The woman explains that it's so nice to celebrate such a lovely holiday, Aunt Carol says that Thanksgiving is actually about being thankful for what they have, the man says it's only about eating a "dead" turkey. But, the little kid says that it's about their ancestors violating/pilliging Natives atop their rotting corpses

the scene changes to Aunt Carol (Olivia Sui) doing dishes in the sink, 2 nice boys (Noah Grossman and Keith Leak II) The woman (Courtney Miller), and a vegan-boy named Gordon (Shayne Topp)

Noah was doing the cranberry sauce (Except that he only opened the can which doesn't count)

Keith was chopping onions, while the woman was cleaning the table

Aunt Carol thanks Noah and Keith for helping out in the kitchen.

Keith smiles by saying "No problem, Aunt Carol"

Noah says that the dinner is going to be amazing, to which Gordon disagrees to by saying

"It's a shame I can't "eat" any of it"

Aunt Carol asks why Gordon cannot eat anything

Gordon shouts "BECAUSE I'M VEGAN!!! DIE AUNT CAROL!!!"

The woman gets mad at him and says "Ugh! For like a week, what does it matter?"

Gordon shouts back "ANIMAL LIVES MATTER!!!"

Aunt Carol places the turkey in front of him, making him scream really loud and run out of the house freaking-out

Dinner is already set, Noah is about to sit down, but Carol stops him saying he goes to "The Kid's Table"

Noah says he qualifies to sit at "The Adult Table" this year

Carol asks Noah if he is over the age of 16 and he says yes

She asks if he has a job and he says yes again

She asks if he did a Thanksgiving-item and he says yes

Aunt Carol says no on his last answer

Noah said that he did the cranberry sauce

Aunt Carol tells him that he only opened the can and doesn't count

Noah starts complaining about how is he going to sit in a tiny chair

Gordon says "At least there's food you can EAT!!"

All of them (including Noah) tell him to shut up in angry ton and Gordon pushes his plate away

The scene changes to Noah, Keith, and the Woman outside in the front-yard. Noah asks if anyone can challenge him to getting the bigger piece of the wish-bone. Keith accepts the challenge and the Woman is sitting in a chair watching them. Noah and Keith begin the challenge and they both start to sweat with high-hopes. Keith almost wins the challenge after pulling off the bigger wish-bone piece, but accidentally loses his balance, making him run backwards onto the street and gets run over by a white Chevrolet van. The woman gasps and screams "OH MY GOD, KEITH!!!" Noah asks if he wins, but the Woman just gives him a horrified stare

The scene changes to 2 white Pilgrims (Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller) and a Native American Indian girl with black braids (Olivia Sui) who brings them a basket full of food and they return the favor by giving her a smelly- blue blanket which she says "Thank you" and leaves.

The scene changes back to Aunt Carol and the rest of the family including Uncle Mike (played by Billy Hamburger) (except for Noah who is sitting at the Kid's table)

Aunt Carol says to Uncle Mike "So, Uncle Mike.. I see you've started drinking again. Then, Uncle Mike starts to holler "You know what, Carol?! I'm tired of your sh**!" Aunt Carol starts hollering "Oh! Tired of my sh**?! You f**ked the fridge last year!!"

Suddenly, everyone (Except Noah) start arguing by yelling, shouting, and screaming

The woman complains that she has worked on the meal for 7 hours

Everyone (except Noah) continue arguing and pointing at each other. Noah says "Who's at the Kid's table now?"

The scene changes to Aunt Carol, Noah, Keith, and the Woman cleaning up the kitchen after they finished their Thanksgiving dinner, Aunt Carol begins to pass out (Due to Gordon having vegan-superpowers that make people pass out automatically) Noah, Keith, and the Woman begin to have turkey-coma and pass out as well. Gordon gives them an evil look and says "Turkey coma? Or... I have vegan-superpowers that made you all pass out" Gordon eats a dinner-roll. Aunt Carol looks at him (While lying down on the kitchen floor) and answers... "The bread-roll's got butter on it, Gordon"

Gordon begins to choke himself and screams. Meanwhile, it turns out they were being watched on video by 2 German people (Noah Grossman and Courtney Miller)

A German-version of Gordon appears and says... "Vell, at least I get to eat!"

Both of them shout at him... "SHUT THE F*** UP GERMAN-GORDON!!!"


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

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