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EVERY TARGET EVER is a Smosh main channel upload. The previous Every Blank Ever upload is also about a large supermarket chain.


Whether it's wearing the same shirt as everyone else in class, accidentally buying ten extra things in your haul, and what ever happened to that dog? This is Every Target Ever!


This Every Blank Ever video recieved more dislikes than usual. Many commenters said that Smosh's customs/ideas/videos at the time were indisputably bad and pityful. Some were shocked to learn that Smosh still had relevance on YouTube.

However, commenters did praise the video and others related it to real life experiences themselves have had with Target.


  • It is rumored that Shayne was only a briefly appearing extra in the video because he was shooting The Goldbergs. True or not, Smosh Games member Damien Haas replaced his originally placed role.
  • This is the first Smosh main channel video to have Ian in the thumbnail since EVERY P.E. CLASS EVER.
  • The previous Every Blank Ever video was shot in the same location as this video.
  • Because of the two Every Blank Evers mirroring each other so closely with regard to themes, people began predicting that the next video would again be about a shopping location.
  • The video reached over 1 million views in less than 24 hours.
  • The video peaked at #5 trending on YouTube the day after its release.