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EVERY SPRING BREAK EVER is a Smosh main channel upload and is part of the Every Blank Ever series. Noah is absent from this video and the video introduces Tanner Risner, the first assistant director for Smosh, playing the part of a student.


Spring Break - whether it's crazy pool parties, going too crazy on vacation, and more, this is Every Spring Break Ever!

Video summary

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Note: The scenario titles are not official titles and were thought up by Smosh Wikia writers to separate the scenes.

Scenario 1: Wet T-shirt contest

Two females named Callie and Jennifer outside and Jennifer is excitedly telling Callie about her sister's fun experience with the wet t-shirt contest, and she has set up one for her and ___ with two males very ready to judge them.

5 minutes later, the shot returns to Callie and Jennifer's heads and tops of their shoulders are visible to make it seem as if it is a legitimate t-shirt contest. The camera quickly zooms to show a YouTube friendly wet t-shirt contest, the two males judging whose t-shirt got the most wet. Callie finally wins the contest, to Jennifer's chagrin, who contests the results due to the fabric difference. She is then told to shut up and she begins weeping and turns to leave

The scene separator comes on and a narrator says, "Every spring break ever!"

Scenario 2: The Last Class

The teacher is in front of the class, depressingly saying how he relives The Challenger explosion. Meanwhile, the students quietly and excitedly talk about spring break, class close to finishing. The bell rings and the students switch gear. The girls suddenly feel a need to flash their breasts and scream and the boys automatically throw up. No one knows why they feel obligated to do these things. Their teacher, however, knows because they are teenagers, they have to go into party mode the minute the announcement of a break is heard. Even the Mormon is in party mode, having had a sip of caffeine. After hearing that, the rest of the class returns to flashing breasts, screaming, heaving in nausea and upchucking.

"Is this a bar or a library; I don't know."

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