EVERY SCHOOL PRESENTATION EVER is a Season 2017 video produced by Smosh and is part of Smosh's Every Blank Ever series. Released September 11, 2017, the video received almost 1 million total views in half a day of its existence.


Pairing with your crush, baking soda volcanoes, and more! This is Every School Presentation Ever!


Aside from Smosh gaining more views on this video in 24 hours rather than their most recent videos, the success of the video included Smosh getting more subscribers after the channel losing over 30,000 throughout the month prior to the video. The video also gained more likes in a day than for an average video produced by Smosh.

This is despite the video not being on YouTube's trending page which their most recent videos were.

Usually in the first couple of hours of a Smosh video, the video exceeds over a thousand dislikes but for this video however was an exception. The video had under one thousand dislikes until nearly 18 hours after it was uploaded.

The video's comments however did have the same quantity it does on average. As well, the comments featured more negative or unrelated content regarding the video which is usual for a Smosh video.

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