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EVERY RECESS EVER is the fifty-ninth episode of Every Blank Ever and part of Season 2017 released August 7, 2017.


So many things happen at recess, kids fighting to get the good ball, secret trades and even more!


Scenario #1

Four kids (Shayne, Olivia, Keith, Noah) are playing at recess. The teacher (Courtney) walks in with a bag of balls. The four kids battle each other to get the "good ball". Kenny (Shayne) gets the good ball, Eric (Keith) gets mushy ball, Hayden (Noah) gets pancake ball, and Wendy (Olivia) gets half ball. Wendy tries to bounce the half ball, and fails.

Scenario #2

A teacher (Shayne) is teaching his kids something, then the bell rings, as it is time for recess. But it's raining, so they have indoor recess. The teacher decides to put on a movie, but it's an educational movie about how crosswalk paint is made. 

Scenario #3

The four students from Scenario #1 are playing, then the teacher blows her whistle, saying that everything fun at recess has been banned because of calls from parents. The only thing the kids can do is wiggle in the shade.

Scenario #4

Eric, Hayden, and Wendy (Keith, Olivia, Noah) are playing a recess slap hands game. It ends on the girl, and the two boys say she's out. The girl reluctantly leaves. Two teachers (Ian and Courtney) notice this and talk about playground cruelty.

Scenario #5

Kenny and Hayden are playing a game where the concrete is lava. It turns out to be real and it burns Hayden. Eric is then shown, frozen, because no one unfreezed him during Freeze Tag.

Scenario #6

At the playground, a kid (Noah) comes up to a cool kid (Shayne). The cool kid asks the kid to do a secret handshake and two handfuls of candy. In response, the cool kid gives the kid a picture of the back of a woman's knee.

Scenario #7

Wendy and Hayden are playing some sort of Rock Paper Scissors, then they engage in a battle of insults. Then they make up, and walk off.

Scenario # 8

Two teachers (Ian and Courtney) are talking. Wendy comes up to them and tells them a problem, but the teachers shrug her off, saying it's not their problem. 

Scenario #9

The cool kid (Shayne) from Scenario #6 stands by the tree. Mr. Washington (Keith) approaches him, and does the secret handshake. However, he doesn't have any candy. Mr. Washington tries to bribe the cool kid with money, but the cool kid only takes candy. Mr. Washington offers a pizza party for the whole class, and the cool kid hands him the picture.


This is the most viewed Every Blank Ever episode, having 40M views. It is also the most viewed "modern" Smosh video.