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EVERY PUBERTY EVER is a main Smosh channel video that was released to YouTube and It is the first Every Blank Ever episode of 2018. It is also the first main Smosh channel video to be on YouTube's trending videos list since 2016 vs 2017.


Puberty - whether it's raging horomones, running into your crush at school, having "the talk", or more, this is EVERY PUBERTY EVER!


  • The video peaked as the fourth most trending YouTube video on the day it was uploaded.
  • This video was the fastest growing Smosh video in views since 2016 vs 2017.
  • Popular YouTuber Askagansta commented on this video which made the comment his first Smosh video comment since the last Smosh video to be on YouTube's trending list before this one, 2016 vs 2017.