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EVERY PROM EVER is the twenty-eighth episode of Every Blank Ever. It was released May 18, 2016.


Nothing says prom like awkward dates, the stress of what to wear, annoying chaperons and more!


Courtney Miller

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui

Shayne Topp

Laura Barns

Ryan Todd


Scenario #1

A girl named Shelby (Olivia) walks down the street. A kid named Barry (Keith) starts to ask Shelby something, but she thinks he's going to ask her to prom, and she says no. A kid named Jared (Noah) asks Shelby if she was in History class, but she turns him down. A kid named Nathan (Shayne) groans because his leg is broken, but Shelby thinks he is faking and turns him down form prom. 

Scenario #2

A girl (Courtney) is deciding on what to wear for prom. She goes from several dresses, but can't decide. She says to herself everyone's going to hate her and she wants to die. In her date's house, the date (Shayne) asks if he should go with the black tux. He says yeah.