EVERY PODCAST EVER is the 123rd episode of Every Blank Ever. It was released on March 1, 2019.


Podcasts— From hard-hitting true crime, to ad… after ad… after ad, we’ve heard it all. This is EVERY PODCAST EVER.





EVERY PODCAST EVER Clip 1 Courtney prepares to show Shayne a podcast she enjoys called Ghost Stories. The podcast is played, and the narrator (Ian) begins the episode by reading off messages from the podcast's numerous sponsors as a frustrated Courtney repeatedly fast forwards. Just like that, the episode ends. Despite this, Shayne calls it "the best podcast [he's] ever listened to".
EVERY PODCAST EVER Clip 2 Shayne and Courtney welcome viewers to another episode of Pop Culture Bros' Podcast and introduces their first topic of memes, with their discussion regarding memes consisting primarily of "bro". With their next topic of rappers, their conversation again consists primarily of "bro" and "rappers".
EVERY PODCAST EVER Clip 3 Keith and Noah (as cops) have brought in Rachel (Olivia), the only person who has listened to every "true crime" podcast released in the last three years, and her expertise is invaluable in solving the McDonald's PlayPlace Murder. Olivia nonchalantly states that it was the husband, much to the shock of the cops, who thank her and get right back to work.
EVERY PODCAST EVER Clip 4 Gus asks Monica is she wants to be a guest on his podcast. Monica is surprised to learn that he has a podcast, which he explains that he was feeling "behind the times", which Monica understands since one would be "behind the times" to not already have a podcast or even start one in 2019. Ian, Courtney, Olivia, and Shayne, all angry and ready to cry, storm out of the room.
200px Tim (Ian) and Greg (Shayne) start another episode of The True Crime Guys Solve True Crime.


  • Ian: "Every Podcast Ever."
  • Ian: "Yeah, let's — let's get into that."
  • Shayne: "Welcome back to The ASMR Podcast.. (*gross mouth noises*)"
  • Ian: "I'm (*smack*) not (*smack*) aware (*smack*) of (*smack*) the sound (*smack*) of (*smack*) my mouth!"


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