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EVERY PARTY EVER is a Smosh video, uploaded on May 26, 2015.


Always have a good time with your friends, but remember, do not be THAT guy. This is every party ever!


The video starts with two dudes (Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox) excited for the party at a local house. They enter and yell out "Let's Party!" However, the other participants are busy using their smartphones.

The first clip shows a young woman (Olivia Sui) asking the DJ (Keith Leak II) to play the song that has the beat "Di-Da-Da-Di-Di-Li-Dad". The DJ responds and both start dancing to the song.

The second clip shows a man who is passed out with the probability of drinking alcohol. A random guy (Noah Grossman) in the crowd recognizes and starts yelling out to everybody a man is passed out. Suddenly, the DJ comes in and pulls out a Sharpie® out of his pocket. The crowd yells out the word penis which states that they want a penis drawn on the passed-out man's face. The DJ does this and the crowd starts cheering.

The third clip shows a young woman (Olivia Sui) and her friends that to screw the guys and that she wants to have her girls. They take a shot drinking and shout out. Just after, the woman (Olivia Sui) notices a man (Anthony Padilla) and kisses him. The girls stare at the two with the faces of jealousy.

The fourth clip shows a guy (Noah Grossman) turning down the remix played by the DJ. Instead, he plays acoustic music on his guitar. However, everybody else doesn't seem to like his music and start booing. A man (Anthony Padilla) pushes the guitar player against the couch and smashes the guitar. He reports to the DJ to play the song with the beat "Di-Da-Da-Di-Di-Li-Dad". The DJ responds and everybody starts dancing to the song.

The fifth clip shows a young woman (Olivia Sui) from clips one and three talking to another girl. She asks what a random old man with a jersey shirt. The girl beside the young woman tells her that the old man comes to every single party planned.

The sixth clip shows the DJ (Keith Leak II) from clips one, two, and four telling a person who is deafened next to his DJ table that he has a nice shirt. The man next to him asks the DJ what he said to his girlfriend. The DJ responds saying that he has a nice shirt. The man tells him his mom isn't fat, an punches him in the jaw.

The seventh clip shows a man (Ian Hecox) heading towards a guy (Noah Grossman) and a woman (Olivia Sui) saying the party is lame. The guy insists saying he's having a good time. The man says if they want to take it to the next level while taking out a small pack of cocaine (which is actually cereal). The young woman says no. The man also insists saying drugs if for pussies. So, he takes out a jug of "b*tch" (which is bleach). The guy says it's a literal pack of bleach, and the young woman says if it's corrosive and deadly. The man insists saying the bleach is for pussies, and instead takes out a ninja's katana and stabs himself. The two are extremely shocked and leave the room. The man who seems to be breathing and alive says to them where they're going and saying the party blows.

The eighth and final clip shows a police officer (Creative Director Joe Bereta) entering the party and trying to shut the party down. He says he got a call from an 80-year-old woman seventeen miles away from the house. A guy (Noah Grossman) asks the police officer how the 80-year-old woman can hear from such a distance. A man from clip six punches him straight in the face saying what the guy said about his girlfriend. A young woman (Olivia Sui) starts to kiss him in the cheeks. The police officer replies saying the scene was hot.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

Cody Johnson

Zachary Norlyn

Chelsea Greco

Yuri Tajiri

Natasha Toolate

Holli Seibert

Annalies Veldman

Luc Luzzo

Jessica Chancellor

Cassandra Brown


Robin Icelow

Kerry Sweeney

Sarah Henshaw

Trivia / Goofs

  • The laptop from clip one has the Apple logo taped over.
  • This is the only episode where a large amount of people are featured in an episode.
  • In clip two, you can hear the Smosh Game Bang intro music while the DJ was drawing a penis on the passed out man.

Subscription Ending

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