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EVERY OSCARS EVER is a Smosh main channel video and the twenty-second episode of the Every Blank Ever series.


No award show would be complete without the red carpet, crazy outfits, tearful speeches, and more!

Plot Summary

Mario Lopez (Anthony) interviews Oscar attendants Jennifer Lawrence (Courtney), Lucy Liu (Olivia) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Shayne).

Title appears

James Franco (Ian) and Chris Rock (Keith) come up to host the awards.

Best Actor in a Drama

Leonardo is nominated for 3 movies, but a British man (Noah) wins, despite having no official nominations. Leonardo has an outburst, but then begins giddily clapping.

Best Actress

Lucy Liu wins this category, and she begins making a big speech and is soon cut off, which she tries to rectify, but the band plays on, and makes a great effort to drown her out, to the point of yelling and banging pots. When they finally stop, she is screaming into the microphone in frustration.

Best Cat In Musical/Documentary

Leonardo "DiCatrio" is thought to have won, having dressed up like a cat because, according to Chris Rock, he thought it would be the least competition for an Oscar nomination. A spoof of the Steve Harvey 2015 debacle is carried out when Franko says he got the winner wrong. The winner is instead "Some British Cat" and a "British" cat is shown, and a furious Dicaprio/DiCatrio.

Best Method Acting

Daniel Day Lewis wins for The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He is wheeled in by doctors, dead, due to being a method actor. Franko tells Leonardo that James' acting is real talent and Leonardo has another outburst offscreen.

Most Adorable Celebrity We Can Never Get Mad At Ever

Jennifer Lawrence wins. She trips on her way to the stage, multiple times, and each time worse than the last. No one gets angry at her and she is unable to walk onto the stage, instead rolling toward the podium and near the end, losing her shoe and has difficulty rolling over.

Person of the Year Award

As Franko is about to announce the recipient, the stadium catches on fire and the attendees panic and scatter. A smug DiCaprio, who obviously set the fire, goes on stage, declaring "If I can't win the Oscar, no one can!" and gives a battle cry and sees his name on the card in the dropped envelope, stunning him. He celebrates and gently takes the card out of the envelope. It is revealed the true winner is "Leonardo Dicaprio Played By Some British Guy" and Leonardo yells in frustration, his physique framed by the flames. He drops to his knees, and meanwhile Jennifer Lawrence is still trying to roll off the stage away from the flames which have already begun to engulf her dress and Anthony ends the video saying clearly, "Every Award Show Ever."


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui