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"Memes! Everything I see is memes! There are memes everywhere! Make it stop! [...] Dammit, Mike! Stop thinking of memes! It's all in your head!"
—Meme legend B-Mike having a mental breakdown[src]

EVERY MEME EVER is an episode of the Smosh series Every Blank Ever, released on January 7, 2019. It parodies popular Internet memes and trends throughout the years.


How do you do, fellow kids? How about those memes, right? Crazy things. Doge, TikTok Cringe, Distracted Boyfriend, Numa Numa, other references that are fresh for a week then overplayed by the entire internet. You may think we're feeding a fed horse here, but give this video a shot. It's EVERY MEME EVER.





EVERY MEME EVER Clip 1.png Courtney, Ian, and Keith are sitting on the couch when Courtney suddenly starts giggling at a meme, showing it to her friends. Ian and Keith stare inquisitively at the meme for a few seconds before uttering "Ohhh!" and commenting on how funny it is. Keith and Ian quickly mention to each other that neither of them understood the meme.
EVERY MEME EVER Clip 2.png B-Mike is a meme legend, but unbeknownst to others, he hallucinates memes everywhere he goes. B-Mike is suffering a mental breakdown as he goes around his house, seeing Distracted Boyfriend and You Know I Had to Do It to Em before finally seeing Roll Safe in his friend Keith and passing out.
EVERY MEME EVER Clip 3.png The first stage is when the meme becomes about dating. The second stage is the meme's life as a "weird meme", with unusual edits done to the original picture. The third and final stage is when the meme is adopted by corporations that try to "look cool". This is when it dies, allowing another meme to take its place.
EVERY MEME EVER Clip 4.png Brett and his friends are eating at his house and are talking using textspeak while Brett's father struggles to understand what they are saying. When Brett calls the carrots they are eating "grunky", his father tells him not to eat him. Brett exclaims that it was a compliment and his father quietly apologizes for being "extra".
EVERY MEME EVER Clip 5.png Shayne shows Courtney the "Banana Rye Challenge", in which people listen to audio that sounds either like "banana" or the entire text of Catcher in the Rye. Courtney hears the latter until the intro and first sentence are finished, and thereafter it simply plays "banana" on repeat. Courtney and Shayne are convinced it was always the former.
EVERY MEME EVER Clip 6.png Looking at The Scream, Noah thinks it says "That face you make when they ask for separate checks". Courtney thinks it says "That moment when you see the trailer for the next Avengers movie". Ian thinks it says "That face you make when someone says LeBron isn't the G.O.A.T.". Noah and Courtney agree before Ian requests to see the next "hand-painted meme".


  • Courtney burps before she and Noah return to looking at her phone.
  • Brett explains that people are past dabbing and are now into voting.
  • Shayne humorously stumbles in his speech during clip 5.


"Guys, thanks for watching! To watch where memes go to die, click that box on the left, and to watch EVERY INSTAGRAM CELEBRITY EVER, smash that box on the right. Boy, these memes sure are... fresh, huh? Boy, I... I hate myself."
— Shayne


  • Shayne: "Every Meme Ever."
  • Shayne: "Okay, enough with those bird box memes!"
  • Shayne: "They did surgery on a grape!"
  • Shayne: "These memes are kind of hit or miss. I guess they never miss, huh?"
  • Shayne: "Memies!"
  • Shayne: "Every Meme Ever."