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EVERY MCDONALD'S EVER is a 2017 uploaded video by Smosh. Released on the 9th of October, the video stars one half of the original Smosh duo, Ian Hecox, along with the 2015 introduced Smosh Squad, Keith Leak Jr., Olivia Sui, Noah Grossman, Courtney Miller, and Shayne Topp.


WARNING: Although this description is vague, it includes spoilers of the video.

The video takes place in a setting resembling the popular fast food franchice, McDonald's. The video includes the cashiers not understanding it's customers, giving too much food to them, tricking or cheating the customers for their personal or financial gain, the workers exchanging dumb ideas on how to improve the franchise, and the excessive use of McDonald's famous catchphrase, "I'm Lovin' It", all in a humorous manner.

Fans' Reaction

The viewers of Smosh related real world examples of McDonalds to the video, also giving suggestions for others. Suggestions for new videos is mostly reserved for Every Blank Ever videos because it is the only Smosh main channel series to make videos based on fans' ideas as Smosh does not do this all the time, but often.

The video recieved mostly positive reviews, with exceptions including "I miss Anthony" comments on the video.

Despite some of the comments, the video reached the top ten most trending videos list on YouTube. It was the fastest growing Smosh video in views since Our Coffee Machine is Racist.