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EVERY HIGH SCHOOL CLIQUE EVER is a Smosh main channel video that was uploaded September 18, 2017. It is part of the Every Blank Ever series.


Cliques- whether it's jocks, emo kids, the debate team, drama club, or more, this is EVERY HIGH SCHOOL CLIQUE EVER!


The video consisted of Ian along with the Smosh Squad perpetuating and exaggerating stereotypes about high school student and teacher cliques (groups). At times, the stereotypes were broken in ironic fashion.


The comments contained many memes unrelated to the video such as "The last time I was here, Anthony was still in Smosh" or even more unrelated, "The last time I was here, Donald Trump was a candidate". However, this is normal for a Smosh video. The comments received mostly positive reviews and references about the video. A YouTube user by the name of "V-Log" pointed out the excessive use of school ideas for Smosh's most recent Every Blank Ever videos but said that they enjoyed them. Courtney Miller responded to the comment saying, "We just miss being teenagers".

Viewers gave positive vibes and light hearted memes regarding Smosh or the world in general. Suggestions for new Every Blank Ever videos were given as well.

School-themed Every Blank Evers have existed since nearly its inception but even more so as of late, which is the main reason why many of the suggestions were based on video ideas affiliated with school.

The video made it to the trending list on YouTube, peaking at number 12 on September 19, 2017. By September 21, the video had fallen off the list.