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EVERY GAME STORE EVER is a Smosh main channel video upload. It is a part of Smosh's Every Blank Ever series.


Video Game Stores - whether it's getting ripped off on trade-ins, waiting in line for the big new release, or more, this is Every Game Store Ever!

Plot summary

(incomplete; please add if able to accurately!)

Scenario #1

A mother (Courtney) is on the phone, presumably with her friend, while shopping with her small daughter (Olivia) at GAME place. Her daughter zealously picks out multiple games and hands them to the cashier (Shayne) as the mother drones on. The cashier doubts the girls' purchases but the mother hands him the credit card, saying it is her birthday. The girl is seemingly calm and has an eerie aura as he looks at her and the card and then her eyes glow red as if she is possessed. He yelps and throws the card in the air. The episode graphic shows and the second scenario begins.


  • This is the first Smosh video to be a subsequent to a previous Smosh video where both were Every Blank Ever videos since EVERY HAUNTED HOUSE EVER.
  • The video peaked as the eighth most trending video on YouTube the next day and left the most trending videos on YouTube list on January 25, 2018.
  • In Scenario 5 & 7, the TV screen is showing some scenes from the 2012 Smosh video Wii U Sports is Awesome!.