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EVERY FOREVER 21 EVER is a Pop Tarts Toaster Pastries sponsored Smosh video from its Every Blank Ever series released on February 5, 2018, making it the first Smosh main channel upload of February 2018.


Forever 21 - whether it's squeezing into the perfect dress, shirts that try too hard to be trendy, or more, this is Every Forever 21 Ever!

Video Comment Trends

(Not in a specific order)

  • Saying the video was funny.
  • Complementing Courtney's new hair.
  • Expressing opinions and experiences at Forever 21.
  • Suggesting new video ideas.
  • Saying the video was accurate.
  • Wanting Anthony to come back to Smosh.
  • Expressing dislike for the video and/or Smosh.
  • Expressing opinions on Noah and Keith portraying women.