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EVERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER is a Smosh main channel video and is part of the Every Blank Ever series.


The first day of school - whether it's being lost in the hallways, being the new kid, forgetting summer reading or more, this is EVERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!

Plot Summary (incomplete)

Cliché 1: Getting Lost

A shot of the school is shown and then the camera is zoomed in on a map of the classrooms, and the shot zooms out to show it is a student (Shayne Topp) holding the map in a sea of lost students, looking around and asking where their classes are. The confusion in the halls intensifies and people begin pushing and shoving out of the narrow hall, leaving Shayne's character asking the empty corridor where his class is.

The Every First Day of School logo comes on and the narrator speaks the video title.

Cliché 2: Awakening for School

A loud, harsh alarm sounds for a student (Keith Leak) in bed, who groggily rolls over to turn it off. He complains about being tired, and his perky father (Ian Hecox) enters, encouraging him to wake up. His son laments that he's not an adult that can wake up with more leeway. The father's demeanor changes as he gradually descends into a nightmarish recollection of his boss nagging him about being late and other office subjects, the son becoming disconcerted by his dad's facial contortions.

The logo comes and the narrator says he is late for class.

Cliché 3: Swapping Summer Stories

Students are getting settled in the classroom.