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"Is that what you think our content's became? No. Guys, come on. We might make dumb jokes from time to time, but we're not gonna devote an entire video to - [farts] "
Ian Hecox

EVERY FART EVER is the eighty-sixth episode of the Smosh series Every Blank Ever. This episode is an April Fool's prank, but does feature excessive flatulence.


Flatulence, whether it's letting one rip, passing gas, or more, this is Every Fart Ever!


Ian berates the audience for thinking Smosh would stoop to such a low level of comedy.

Ian Hecox informs the audience that, since it is April Fool's Day, they will not be receiving an "EVERY FART EVER". Ian is also offended that viewers would think Smosh would stoop to such a low quality of video, when in fact Smosh would never do such a thing. Before he can continue his rant, Ian is continuously interrupted by excessive flatulence. After a straight thirty seconds of flatulence, Ian shamefully walks out of view but runs back in, jumps, and lets out a quick "toot" before running off. The rest of the video is in big font "APRIL FOOLS" with music and a randomly-changing unicolor background.

Cast and Crew



  • Writer and Director: Steven Spielberg (credited)


This was the fastest-growing Smosh video in dislikes of all time, with over nearly 10,000 dislikes less than 10 hours after its upload on YouTube. This is most likely due to the video's misleading title, thumbnail, content and retention time-baiting nature. The video being on the trending page attracted more negative attention as well due to the awareness of the page.

The video was also one of the fastest growing Smosh videos in comments of all time, with equally negative reception from fans and viewers.


  • This Smosh video features the least amount of people, with only Ian present.
  • This is an unusual Smosh main channel video, as it is uploaded on a Sunday.
  • This is the first April Fools Prank on Smosh's main channel since ULTIMATE HIGH SCHOOL PRANK, a video that was uploaded even before the release of the Every Blank Ever series.
  • The video reached #5 on Trending mere hours after its upload.
  • This video may actually be considered a legitamate Every Blank Ever video due to the fact that Ian commited multiple variations of flatulence.