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EVERY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE EVER is a Smosh main channel video released on October 2, 2017. In the video, Smosh cast members along with guest stars perpetuate and exaggerate stereotypes of fantasy leagues and the people involved in them, primarily the football kinds.

Due to Ian Hecox being in Australia for VidCon, this is the second ever Smosh main sketch video to not include him, with the first being the video prior to this one, THE MOST HATED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!.

Fans' reactions

Positive and negative comments were made regarding the video and Smosh in general, most notably a comment from a verifed YouTube user with over 200,000 subscribers by the time of the video's upload which said

"i Want the old smosh.... :(".

The user went by the name of "Kevin Believe".

Random comments and suggestions for new Every Blank Ever videos were also made.