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EVERY ELEVATOR EVER is a Smosh main channel video.


Elevators - whether it's awkward small talk, overcrowded spaces, or more, this is Every Elevator Ever!



Scenario 1:

Ian is in an elevator. When the doors are closing, Shayne appears and asks Ian to hold it, who partially sticks his arm between the doors to prevent the elevator's closing. However, the elevator does not open for Shayne and closes on Ian arm. As Shayne emotionlessly watches, the elevator squeezes Ian's arm and a squeezing noise is heard.

The pressure from the elevator eventually snaps off the lower half of Ian's arm and it falls in front of Shayne, making a somewhat bloody mess on the door edges. Ian is then able to open the door and Shayne steps around the arm into the elevator and they comment about how Shayne almost missed the elevator. The arm is not of concern to either and Ian is shown with a stump for an arm concealed under his sweater. They laugh together and as the doors close, Shayne's face collapses into a concerned expression.

The narrator then says:

"Every Elevator Ever!"

(This is repeated after every scenario.)

Scenario 2:

An arm, later revealed to be that of Courtney, presses the down button in presumably the same elevator. A crowd of people is in the elevator when the doors open and Ian is standing there, wanting to come in and join the stale crowd. Ian politely declines to get in the elevator, which an incredulous person questions and Ian politely declines again. A woman gets angry at him for wasting their time by not even getting in. Seemingly not wanting confrontation, Ian squeezes in. The other people get frustrated because they believe there is no room for him. He needs to pick a floor and the first person that wanted him to get in gets angry at him for not immediately picking a floor. He picks the basement, angering everyone, and it is unknown if he did it on purpose or if his sly face shows his emotions concerning others' reactions. The doors close and he cocks his head as people continue crying out.

Scenario 3:

Elevator music is heard as many are standing facing front in the elevator. Shayne quietly turns and asks Courtney what she would do if the elevator broke. She calmly reveals she has an escape plan if that were to ever happen.


  • The day after this video was uploaded, the main Smosh YouTube channel reached 7 billion video views.
  • This is the second Smosh main channel video where Shayne's character is associated with Jamaican Reggae music, the first being The Justice League is SAD | Music Video.

Video comment trends

People in the comments either expressed liking the video or gave real world examples of elevator situations, gave suggestions for this or the next video, commented on other things that could have been in the video, wished for Anthony to be back or said Smosh had run out of ideas.